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KVM Switches: Easily Switch Between Multiple Computers

If you run a small business or have a home office, you might need to use multiple computers to get everything done. What you probably don't need, though, are two or three sets of keyboards, mice, and monitors cluttering up your desk space and creating confusion. 

KVM switches to the rescue! The "KVM" part stands for "keyboard, video monitor, and mouse", and these switches are the ideal solution for anybody who needs to easily switch between multiple computers. For most KVM switches, all you need to do is press a physical button, hit a key on your keyboard, or activate a control on the screen to jump between different computers. 

Types of KVM Switches 

There are multiple types of KVM switches, designed for a variety of different scenarios. 

Single-User KVM Switches 

The single-user KVM switch is perfect for home users or small businesses that have two or three computers. The switch easily toggles between the different computers, so you only need one keyboard, mouse, and monitor on your desk. 

Multi-User KVM Switches 

Maybe you have a small business that has a few computers (or maybe just one) shared among multiple users, or you want to let your family access a single computer from multiple rooms. A multi-user KVM switch allows this to happen by routing the connections of multiple keyboard/mouse/monitor desktops into a single computer or a few computers. This type of setup is commonly found in companies that provide multi-user access to large computers and servers. 

Analog vs. Digital KVM Switches 

Analog KVM switches are designed for local access, so the user's desktop needs to be physically close to the computer or server they're accessing. Digital KVM switches, on the other hand, can work through a network. This provides lots of options for how the users can connect to the computer or server, whether they're nearby or in a different room. 

KVM Switch Connections 

You can find KVM switch models that are equipped with different types of connectors, designed to meet different needs and configurations. If your monitor uses an HDMI connection, make sure you choose an HDMI KVM switch. Many KVM switches include a USB switch since USB connections are so commonplace with computers and accessories.