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Laptop Sleeves: Device Safety with a Slim Profile

What are Laptop Sleeves?

The modern office is portable. It’s different from the one that existed fifteen years ago: you don’t so much leave it as the office as you do pack it up and take it home. Sometimes, your office is in the actual office; sometimes, your office is a nearby coffee shop. Laptop sleeves are just one of many ways to help keep your office safe while it’s in transit!

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, laptop sleeves are meant to describe a laptop bag without handles. They typically zip, clasp, or fold shut. While you can put a laptop sleeve inside a laptop bag, laptop sleeves are intended to be form-fitting—you would never be able to fit a laptop bag inside a laptop sleeve.

Different Laptop Sleeve Materials

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sleeves for laptop  textiles. However, they’re commonly made from a thick, cushy neoprene, which is a stretchy fabric that forms tight against the sides of your laptop to adsorb impact. Inside, most designs are lined in faux-fur: an ethical way to prevent scratches.

While not as common as neoprene, felt laptop sleeves are a great option for users on a budget. These sleeves have a classic look to them, and can offer single-layered protection with a soft finish. Look for leather laptop sleeve tabs for a bit of luxury in the closures of felt laptop sleeves.

Laptop Sleeves in Various Sizes

Due to the small size of tablets and travel laptops, 11” laptop sleeves (and similar) are likely to feature a fold-over closure. They’re a great option for users who want to maintain the slim profile and minimal weight of their original device, while still keeping it safe from bumps or falls. For those who are able to fit their small laptop into a purse or briefcase, an 11” laptop sleeve allows users to protect their device from things like keys and coffee.

As the size of the sleeves for your laptop increases, your options typically will as well. 13” laptop sleeves are the most common, and come in the widest variety of styles and colours. Many 13 inch laptop sleeves feature a large, zippered outside pocket, and some are paired with matching accessory pouches made from the same fabric.

The same idea applies to 15.6” laptop sleeves, which are another common size. These sleeves often have outer pockets that are large enough to fit entire tablets or plus-sized smartphones. While pockets may not be essential to your workflow, they make packing up easy for those who need additional tools to work or learn, such as a drawing pad or note-taking materials.