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Laptop Bags: Stay Productive While You’re On the Go

Unless you like the idea of living on the edge of digital disaster, a good laptop bag is one of the most important accessories you can choose for your day-to-day. Not only will it keep your laptop protected from bumps, drops, weather, and prying eyes while you’re out and about, it will also keep you and your essential gear organized and easy to find.

Features to Consider When Buying a Laptop Bag

Laptop cases and bags come in all shapes and sizes, and with a wide variety of features. How do you find the right one? Start by asking yourself a few basic questions. Will you be commuting to and from the office with your laptop? Or will you be navigating through airports and taking it on business trips? Do you travel with a lot of additional gear, such as chargers, tablets, and notebooks?

If you’re commuting daily with your laptop, or travelling with any regularity, make sure the bag you choose has a padded laptop compartment or sleeve. For even greater peace of mind, look for a bag with a water-resistant inner lining.

If you’re a frequent flyer, a bag that’s “checkpoint friendly” is a lifesaver. These bags fold all the way open and lie completely flat on the x-ray belt, making it faster and easier to get through security checkpoints. Another great feature for frequent flyers is an integrated trolley strap or luggage strap, which lets you quickly attach the laptop bag to a baggage cart while you wheel around the airport.

Choosing the Right Size Bag for Your Laptop

Laptop bags for women and men come in a few standard sizes, such as 13”, 15”, and 17”. These sizes refer to the dedicated laptop sleeve or pocket inside the bag. Since not all laptops feature the same overall dimensions, it’s important to note that laptop bag sizes are a guideline only. If you have a 13” laptop, chances are it will fit in a 13” laptop bag, but if your laptop is on the bulky side you may want to opt for a slightly larger bag.  

Laptop Bag Materials

When choosing your new laptop bag, the material it’s made of should be one of your primary considerations. If you want to stay as lightweight as possible, look for a laptop bag made mostly of polyester. For maximum durability, opt for a nylon laptop bag. If you’re aiming for style points, it’s hard to beat the timeless and professorial look of genuine leather. Of course, leather can be extremely sensitive and rip easily, which makes faux leather a popular choice for anyone seeking a balance of style and durability.

Types of Laptop Bags

Beyond features, materials, and size considerations, the style of laptop bag you choose should depend on how you’d like to use it. Each style has its own unique benefits that are suited toward a certain type of commuter or traveller.

Shoulder and Briefcase Bags

These bags feature either an over-the-shoulder strap, top carry handles, or both. Often the shoulder strap can be removed to turn the bag into a classic-looking briefcase. These types of laptop bags are usually the most spacious, making them great for students and business professionals.

Messenger Bags

Messenger laptop bags feature a cross-body design that’s more ergonomic than a shoulder laptop bag. These bags are ideal for active people and bicyclists, as well as anyone who faces a long or hectic daily commute in busy crowds.

Rolling Bags

If you regularly suffer through long walks and long lines in airports, a rolling laptop bag might be just the ticket you need. A rolling laptop bag features built-in wheels and a telescopic handle, so you can pull the bag behind you (like luggage) when needed.