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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Luggage Sets

Whether you're buying your first luggage set or looking to upgrade your battered suitcases, here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

What does a luggage set include?

Luggage sets can include anywhere from 2 to 8 pieces, with the typical set consisting of 2 or 3 suitcases. Two-piece sets generally consist of a carry-on and a midsize suitcase, while a 3-part set comes equipped with a carry-on, midsize, and large luggage piece. Some larger luggage sets also include a matching cosmetic bag and duffel.

What are the common types of luggage sets?

The most common types of luggage sets are hardside, lightweight, and hybrid. Hardside luggage features tough outer shells that are built to withstand impacts and drops. Lightweight luggage piece are constructed from light materials such as aluminum, nylon, and polyester for an ultraportable design that can be carried with ease. Hybrid luggage uses a combination of materials to deliver the lightweight convenience of soft-sided luggage with the durability of hardside suitcases. Most luggage sets also include spinner wheels for effortless gliding and retractable handles for easy manoeuvrability.

How do I find the best luggage set?

The right luggage set can help get you to your destination more easily. To find the perfect luggage set for you, consider what kind of traveller you are.

Family Traveller

If you're traveling with children, you'll benefit from a 3-piece hardside luggage set. This type of set offers lots of packing room for the entire family. Hardside luggage is also shock resistant so your belongings stay protected even when tumbling down the baggage carousel.

Business Traveller

Whether your business trip lasts 2 days or 7, a lightweight luggage set gives you choice depending on the length of your trip. Lightweight luggage weighs less than hardside making it easier to zip in and out of airports. Most models also feature exterior pockets so you to quickly access your smartphone or laptop without having to dig through the interior.

International Traveller

Embarking on a global adventure? A hybrid luggage set will get you from point A to B smoothly. Light enough to roll along the cobblestone streets of Europe and tough enough to withstand air travel, hybrid luggage has you covered in every possible situation.

Weekend Traveller

If you prefer taking short trips or staying closer to home, a 2-piece luggage set will suffice. The different sized pieces in a set allow you to choose the right suitcase for the occasion. A carry-on may be perfect for an overnight trip to the cottage, while a midsize suitcase can come in handy for that long weekend in Vegas.

What are the benefits of getting a set vs. purchasing separate pieces?

Travellers enjoy numerous benefits when using a luggage set. Consisting of different sized pieces, luggage sets are versatile and give you different options that satisfy your every travel need. They also offer lots of packing room if you're travelling with others. Finally, luggage sets come in a variety of matching colours and designs so you can easily spot them at the baggage claim.

If you don't want all your luggage to look the same or if you don’t often go on long trips needing multiple suitcases, you may be better off getting individual pieces. With many prints, colours, and sizes to choose from, you can create your own unique set that reflects your personal preferences. Purchasing separate suitcases is also a good idea if you don't plan on using all the pieces found in a set.

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