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  • Chic Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy and Beyond

    Just say no to frumpy maternity wear! Transform your pregnancy into the ultimate in comfort and style with our bump-friendly selection of maternity clothes online. Maintain your sense of fashion during your transformation, straight through to your third trimester and even after baby's here.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Maternity Clothes

    When to start wearing maternity clothes?

    There's no exact science as to when you should start wearing maternity clothes. As every woman's body changes differently, you may not know when you need maternity clothing until your regular wardrobe starts feeling snug. A maternity band is a great piece to take you from the early stages of pregnancy to the end. It offers support for your growing belly, while giving you the coverage you may need as you transition from your regular clothes. Keep in mind that all maternity clothing sold on BestBuy.ca is designed to fit throughout pregnancy and after, so it's never too early (or late) to start stocking up on cute maternity tops, chic maternity dresses, and belly-hugging maternity bottoms.

    What should I consider when buying maternity clothes?


    Pregnancy clothes don't have to consist of your hubby's oversized T-shirts and baggy sweatpants. From supportive halter neck tankini swimsuits to super-cute polka-dotted wrap tops, you can find stylish maternity clothes online that are cut to fit throughout pregnancy and nursing, making them a long-lasting, value-conscious choice. Stay trendy yet comfy in the office with a floral printed tunic and supportive leggings, or wow your partner during date night in a sleek wrap dress.


    Maternity clothes are designed to provide the support and comfort you need during pregnancy and nursing. Maternity and breastfeeding tank tops offer great support and unique features that make it quick and easy to feed your little one. A nursing bra is a must-have post-pregnancy, offering comfortable, supportive cups and a unique design that allows easy skin-to-skin contact for feeding. When choosing skirts, pants, jeans, or other bottoms, look for an elasticized panel that can be worn over your bump or folded under it.


    When it comes to fabric, a little bit of stretch can go a long way. In form-fitting maternity clothes like tanks and jeggings, look for a bit of elastane to provide the stretch you need for your growing belly. To stay cool and comfy during spring and summer months, consider lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and viscose.


    Generally, you should buy maternity clothes in your pre-pregnancy size. As maternity clothing provides extra room around the belly and bust, it gives you the comfort you need for your changing body.

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