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Mattress Toppers: Customize Your Comfort

Getting a perfect night’s sleep begins and ends with your mattress. Is it too firm? Not firm enough? Does the material trap heat? Finding the perfect balance can be tricky, especially if you and your partner have different preferences. With a mattress topper, you can transform your existing mattress into the bed of your dreams in one simple step.

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is a foam extension that sits on top of your existing mattress to provide enhanced comfort while you sleep. Generally, mattress toppers are used to supplement the limitations of a mattress. If your mattress is too firm, for instance, you can add softness with a plush mattress topper. If your mattress is too soft, a high-density memory foam mattress topper will provide some much-needed extra support.

What are the Benefits of Mattress Toppers?

No matter how good your mattress is, it’s destined to get worn out over time. Mattresses compress and conform to our bodies, and eventually they’ll lose the level of comfort they originally provided. A mattress topper is a simple way to bring your bed back to its original glory. It’s also much cheaper than buying a brand new mattress.

With a mattress topper, you can fine-tune the comfort of your bed and achieve the level of softness or firmness that’s perfect for you. Some mattress toppers even help trap or dispel heat, so you can drift off into dreamland at your ideal temperature.

What Size Mattress Topper Do I Need?

When it comes to width and length, mattress toppers come in the same variety of sizes as mattresses. So if your bed is a Queen size, you’ll need a Queen-size mattress topper. If it’s a King, you’ll need a King-size mattress topper.

Selecting the right depth will depend on your personal preferences regarding firmness. Some mattress toppers are quite thin and don’t add much height to your bed. Others are quite thick and add considerable depth to your mattress. Be aware that, if you choose a thick mattress topper, your fitted sheets may no longer fit.

What’s the Difference Between Gel Memory Foam and Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattress toppers are ideal for anyone with sore joints and muscles, or anyone who tosses and turns in their sleep. The high-density foam conforms to your shape and provides even support across your whole body. They also ensure lower levels of motion transfer, so tossing and turning is less likely to disturb your partner.

Unfortunately, memory foam tends to trap and hold body heat. So, if you’re someone who prefers cooler temperatures while you snooze the night away, you may want to opt for a gel memory foam mattress topper instead.

Gel memory foam mattress toppers offer all the benefits of standard memory foam mattress toppers but they tend to stay cooler throughout the night. Gel memory foam is just like regular memory foam except with gel microbeads mixed in. These gel microbeads do a better job of regulating temperature and dispelling heat, rather than trapping it.