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39 results

Build Memories and Skills Together with Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks from Preschool to Parenthood

Mega Bloks are designed to offer play-based creative learning that engages children’s minds as they have fun. Most Mega Bloks sets are designed for kids from age 1 all the way up to age 5+. Even parents will enjoy the creative outlet when designing and building shapes and structures with your kids. This whole idea behind play-based learning is to stimulate the mind through activities that are engaging, fun, and rewarding.

Great for Development

Playing and building stimulates all sorts of development in young minds, all the way from infants to young children. The different types of sensory and skill development stimulated by toys like Mega Bloks are: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, thinking skills, academics, creativity & imagination, relationship skills, communication skills, emotion & self-expression, and security & happiness.

Mega Bloks vs Lego

Are Mega Bloks the same as Lego? Not exactly. Lego and Mega Construx sets are very similar but remain different in a few critical ways. To begin, they're made by completely different companies. They also don’t fit together perfectly like you’d expect two pieces from the same set to fit together. It is possible to get them to stick together, but the connection won't be as solid (or it will be too solid), and the pieces won't line up as well as two pieces from the same brand.

Mega Options

Within the MEGA family, there are sets for builders of every age and skill.

Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks typically refers to the First Builders and Junior Builders lines of products. Sets in the First builders line are designed for kids aged 0-2 years old. They are typically much larger bricks, fully assembled toys with detachable parts, and other kid-safe options that don’t present any choking hazards.

The Junior Builders line is made up of sets made for kids aged 3-5 years old and are smaller, require a bit more dexterity, and are more versatile in terms of what you can build with them.

Mega Construx

Within the Mega Construx family there are two additional segments; Wonder Builders and Pro Builders. Wonder Builders sets are designed for kids aged 5-10 years old and start to introduce specialized pieces and bricks that have particular uses and really add new dimensions to what can be built. These sets offer the first departure from strict geometric shapes that yield simple structures. Wonder Builders sets let you build more advanced objects like cool vehicles with real rubber tires and articulating joints, or action figures from popular franchises like Pokémon.

Pro Builders sets are the most advanced sets by MEGA and are the most similar to Lego. These sets come with a vast array of different brick shapes and sizes and offer the widest range of construction options; both while following the instructions and while building custom designs by combining sets.

All your Favourite Characters

One of the biggest selling features for Mega Construx is the wide range of well-known characters and figures that show up throughout the line.

Mega Bloks offers themed sets of characters, structures, and vehicles from loads of popular franchises like Halo, Call of Duty, Pokemon, Destiny, Masters of the Universe, X Files, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and lots more.

For younger kids, there are sets themed with the likes of Thomas the Train and Friends, Sesame Street, CAT Mega machines, and John Deere. Kids are even able to find ride-on toys that combine the fun of driving and pushing around with the ability to customize your ride by adding blocks from your Mega Bloks sets right onto the vehicle.