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The Joys of LEGO and Building Block Toys

Building blocks have been around for centuries. From wooden blocks made for stacking to LEGO bricks that snap together, these building toys are a staple in any kid’s life. Though simple in concept, building blocks have long been – and still are – a treasured toy amongst kids and kids at heart. Picking up, putting together, and pulling apart building bricks and blocks offers a multitude of benefits. Building blocks promote motor skills, activate the imagination, and bring pure joy to builders of all ages. Discover the familiar and oh-so-satisfying snap of two LEGO bricks connecting. Watch in wonder as kids build structures that only once existed in their minds. And see the surprising creativity that unfolds when kids delve into the world of building blocks and LEGO toys.

Types of Building Toys

The types of building toys abound. Here are some popular options for the young and young at heart.


Undoubtedly, the most familiar household name when it comes to building blocks is LEGO. Founded in 1932, this family-owned company created those iconic little bricks that kids and kids at heart have been using to build anything and everything their imaginations can dream up. Since the company’s inception, LEGO toys have evolved from a wooden duck to simple LEGO bricks in primary colours to elaborate themed sets with hundreds of LEGO blocks.

The appeal of LEGO is clearly spelled out in the meaning of its name – “play well” in Danish and “I put together” in Latin. The simple but clever design of LEGO bricks gives kids the freedom to unleash their creativity and link blocks together in any way they desire. From as young as one, kids can develop their motor skills and creativity with LEGO DUPLO, a range featuring larger bricks for smaller hands. As they grow, young builders can get their hands dirty in the multitude of other LEGO toys and sets. These include LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends, LEGO Technic, and LEGO City – just to name a few. And the building doesn’t stop during childhood. LEGO toys are beloved amongst people of all ages, making them some of the best building toys on the market.

Mega Bloks Building Blocks

Part of the Fisher-Price group, Mega Bloks makes an assortment of building toys for kids aged one to five. Their toys not only encompass kids building blocks, but also things that can be rolled, pulled, and pushed. Mega Bloks construction toys help youngsters develop their physical, social, and cognitive skills as they learn to stack building blocks, recognize colours, count, and cooperate with playmates. Their blocks are sometimes decorated with thematic or educational stickers, helping teach and reinforce concepts such as numbers, colours, and everyday objects.

Laser Pegs Construction Toys

Laser Pegs construction toys can light up any child’s imagination, literally. Designed for kids aged three and up, these delightful building toys feature a power base that illuminates tinted building blocks built into things like racecars, dinosaurs, and helicopters. A single Laser Pegs kit includes numerous pieces that can be reconfigured into a variety of models, providing endless hours of building fun. Laser Pegs building blocks are also open-ended and modular, allowing budding builders to combine sets and build structures from their imaginations.

OYO Sports Building Toys

Young sports fans will love building with OYO Sports. Their range of licensed sports-themed building toys not only caters to kids, but also sports lovers and collectors alike. OYO Sports sets can recreate the action of NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, and other popular sports. They bring the joy of real-life teams and players to the building world with replica football fields, hockey rinks, basketball courts, and baseball diamonds. Moreover, their buildable minifigures feature specific facial characteristics and uniforms of the real-life athletes they represent – so you can truly recreate the sports team of your dreams.