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Cater to everyone’s brew preference with a multi-use coffee maker

What is a multi-use coffee maker?

A multi-use coffee maker allows you to brew different types of coffee from the same machine. A carafe holds anywhere from 10 to 12 ounces of brewed ground coffee while a single-serve side can brew a single cup when desired.

They usually have individual water reservoirs for each and can work with standard paper filters as well as K-cup packs or reusable filter cups; some are also pod-free.

Many allow you to control the strength of the brew, from classic to rich and full-flavoured, and even the temperature. Additional features in some let you make fancier brews, like a frother for cappuccinos or lattes; and even come with recipe books. In many cases, the hot water can be used for other purposes as well, like cocoa, tea, or soup.

Made of materials like stainless steel and in colours like silver and black, they are sleek and versatile small kitchen appliances.

When might you use a multi-use coffee maker?

A multi-use coffee maker comes in handy so you don’t have to make a full pot of coffee if it’s just for one or two people in the morning, or if everyone in the family likes different brews. But when you have guests over and need to make more at once, you can still do so without having to get two different machines, which is ideal if you have limited space.

Also, if one person prefers decaf, wants a specialty brew, or likes their coffee stronger or weaker than others, the single-serve side will be useful both on a regular basis and while entertaining.

What should you look for in a multi-use coffee maker, and what accessories should you consider?

A programmable clock in a multi-use coffee maker lets you set up at night and have coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning. Some also have auto pause functions so you can safely serve from the carafe once it is removed, along with a digital clock and LCD. Check that you can select the brew from 1-4 or more cups so you don’t have to brew a full pot every time; and see that the carafe has a comfortable handle and no-drip spout for pouring.

Easy-fill reservoirs that let you see inside so you know when you’re running low on water are useful.

If you often grab your coffee and go, make sure the single-serve section of your coffee maker is tall enough to accommodate your travel mug so you can brew directly into it. Some multi-user coffee makers come with tumblers as well to add to your coffee cup collection. Self-cleaning functions, or easily removable and dishwasher-safe parts, will be appreciated.

In terms of accessories, look for paper filters that are compatible with the unit, and K-cups that will work with the single-serve function. A reusable one might be worth investing in if you like to brew from your own selection of grounds.