Single Serve Coffee Makers

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Brew the perfect cup of coffee with single serve coffee makers

Drinking a hot cup of coffee is a great way to start your day, and single serve coffee makers will put a delicious cup of gourmet coffee in your hand in under a minute. From flavoured drip to hot tea and lattes, the best single serve coffee makers will give you a barista-style hot drink without having to leave your kitchen.

What is a single serve coffee maker?

A single serve coffee maker is a coffee maker that makes a single portion of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage. Depending on the type you choose, they are designed with an internal or removable water reservoir you can fill when you make a hot drink.

How do single serve coffee makers work?

You can make all types of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or speciality coffee drinks with a single serve coffee maker. Some models also include a larger carafe to make more than one cup at a time.

To use a single serve coffee maker you insert a disposable pod. These disposable or reusable pods measure out the perfect portion of coffee grinds, tea, or hot chocolate for a single cup, and because each portion is measured out individually your drink will taste perfect every time.

Benefits of single serve coffee makers

A single serve coffee maker is one of the easiest to use coffee makers. They work quickly, and will brew a hot drink in under one minute. You never have to wonder about portion sizes or how much flavouring to add because a single serve coffee maker will measure out the perfect amount of coffee and water. There’s also no waste with single serve coffee makers. You don’t have to make a large pot of coffee and pour it down the sink when no one drinks it.

Single serve coffee pods come in a wide variety of flavours and types, and because the pod is sealed and your grinds aren’t exposed to air or light, you get the freshest cup of coffee every time. The best single serve coffee makers offer pods like green, black tea, cappuccinos, lattes, and flavoured drip brew. You’ll also find single serve pods that dispense hot chocolate or a hot cup of soup.

Single serve pods are disposable, and many types now come ready to recycle. You can also choose a reusable coffee pod that lets you add your own coffee grinds or tea leaves to make a custom cup.

Kick off every day the easy way with a single serve coffee maker. You can find all types of the best single serve coffee makers right now on Best Buy.