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Worry about your high score, not your battery life with these Nintendo 3DS batteries and chargers

There’s nothing worse than starting up your Nintendo 3DS console only to find it has little or no battery life yet. Nobody wants to sit and wait for their device to charge when they would rather be enjoying the latest and greatest titles in handheld gaming. Keep your console charged and your games playing with a diverse selection of Nintendo 3DS batteries and chargers.

Replacement chargers

As with any small accessory mishaps may occur, and you may find yourself needing to replace a lost or damaged Nintendo 3DS wall charger. Luckily the standard Nintendo 3DS wall charger is sold separately as a standalone accessory, so it’s easy to ensure that you always have a steady supply of power for your Nintendo 3DS console on hand. You may even want to purchase an extra wall charger simply to have a backup on hand, or to have easy charging access in multiple locations.

It’s also important to note that some newer models of the Nintendo 3DS XL console do not come with a charger in the box. This is a bit of a baffling scenario given the necessity of a charger, but Nintendo seems to have made this decision in order to reduce costs, noting that many users would simply be “upgrading” their current 3DS console, and therefore already possess a charger in their home. For this reason it’s important to check if your new 3DS XL console purchase comes with a charger. You may need to add one on separately if it doesn’t. This is another reason why Nintendo has made the wall charger so readily available as a separate purchase.

Nintendo 3DS car chargers

One of the most popular places to enjoy the Nintendo 3DS is in the car. Many a parent has avoided grief over long road trips thanks to the on-the-go entertainment of handheld gaming. Car chargers can therefore be an indispensable accessory, as they are designed to plug into standard power sources found in most vehicles, such as USB ports or older-style cigarette lighter power supplies. Ensuring that you have a compatible car charger for your Nintendo 3DS means that the game will never end before the trip is over.

Nintendo 3DS charging docks

Charging docks can keep your console and gaming area organized and make it easier to remember to charge by simply placing it on the charging dock contact. It’s much more convenient to be able to simply lay your console in a dock as opposed to having to search for the charger port or untangle a loose charging cable. Docks provide a fixed location for quick and easy charging. Keep in mind that most charging docks are only compatible with one model of Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS console, so when shopping for a dock, ensure that it matches your specific model of Nintendo 3DS.

Ways to extend battery life

Even when taking steps to keep the Nintendo 3DS console fully charged whenever possible, you’re still likely to encounter situations where battery conservation could be beneficial. There are a few ways to try and reduce the amount of energy a Nintendo 3DS console uses. Many of these methods are tied to features of the 3DS—for example, the Nintendo 3DS console uses more power when the “3D” feature is enabled. Turning off 3D can make your battery charge last longer. Disabling other features such as Wi-Fi or Nintendo’s “Street Pass” functionality can also extend battery life. Powering down the Nintendo 3DS fully as opposed to simply putting the console in “sleep mode” will also cause less power to drain when the console is not in use.