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Play games on-the-go with Nintendo Handheld

Take all the fun and excitement of Nintendo gaming anywhere you want with Nintendo handheld systems. The unique features of the handheld devices offer many ways to enjoy your favourite gaming worlds, whether that’s an action-packed Super Mario journey, a deep Pokémon adventure, or The Legend of Zelda’s latest epic quest. The Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS consoles feature rechargeable batteries, built-in Wi-Fi capability and a huge library of games designed specifically for those who play games outside of the home.

Exploring Nintendo Handhelds

Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles most unique characteristic is their two screens: a widescreen 3D display (with adjustable depth slide) that enables you to enjoy 3D gaming without the need to wear special glasses, and a touch-sensitive display screen controlled by the stylus. If 2D gaming is more your style, Nintendo 2DS handheld consoles can play all 3DS games, just without the 3D feature. The 3DS and 2DS can also play games from your older Nintendo DS systems, and have unique social features like StreetPass and Miiverse that let you share gaming experiences with family and friends.

Nintendo handheld games let you have fun adventures with all your favourite characters including Mario, Peach, Pikachu, Kirby, and Link. A vast library of games is at your fingertips, from blockbuster retail titles available at Best Buy, to creative independent releases and blasts from the past in the Nintendo eShop. No matter what type of games you love most, you’ll find a big selection to choose from on Nintendo handheld devices.

Nintendo handheld accessories elevate your gaming to the next level. Add extra battery power, pick up a pro stylus, or protect your device with a screen shield—there’s a huge range of accessories at Best Buy to enhance your Nintendo handheld experience. For added convenience and safety, pick up a sturdy carrying case to securely transport your device and game cartridges wherever you travel. Whatever your gaming needs are, Nintendo handheld accessories have you covered.

With their compact size, easy portability, and powerful features, Nintendo handheld consoles will give you high-quality gaming experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Play games on a trip, while commuting to work, or any room in the house—the fun always stays with you.