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FAQ About Battery-Powered Portable Speakers

Enjoying music, videos, podcasts, and other audio content with friends when you're out can be tricky. A battery-powered portable speaker offers a compact, go-anywhere solution for sharing your favourite tunes, broadcasts, or streams.

Why should I consider buying a battery-powered portable speaker?

Battery-powered portable speakers are very compact and lightweight. These near pocket-sized speakers are great for playing music from iPods, MP3 players, or CD players. These mini portable speakers can also be used as an affordable fix to broken speakers on a laptop or other mobile device.

What features should I look for when buying battery-powered portable speakers?

Look for a speaker with a hardwired 3.5mm audio cable. This will allow you to plug in virtually any device with a headphone jack. Dedicated volume controls allow you to customize the music for your listening pleasure. Other features to look for include USB recharging for convenience, an outdoor rating so you can take it more places, and an AUX line-out that lets you to connect an additional speaker.

What kind of sound quality should I expect from a mini portable speaker?

While you won't get the room-filling sound of larger, more expensive portable speakers, these budget-friendly options will still give you great sound. Whether you're sharing music or watching a video you recorded on your smartphone, a battery-powered portable speaker will deliver bigger, better sound than you'll get off your phone's tiny speakers.