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Apple iPods: Enjoy Music, Entertainment, and More

The Apple iPod wasn't the first MP3 player when it was introduced in 2001 – portable digital music-playing devices had been around for a few years by that point. However, Apple's take on the MP3 player was groundbreaking, with its unique scroll wheel controls, user-friendly interface, and large amount of storage. The iPod line of products went on to become hugely successful for Apple and contributed to the creation of the iPhone

While the iPhone has become one of Apple's most popular and widely-used products, the iPod line still serves some useful purposes. Read on to find out what an iPod could do for you and why it might deserve a place in your pocket or bag. 

iPod touch: an iPhone Without the Phone 

It's easy to think of the iPod touch as just an iPhone with the cellular connectivity stripped away, but that's precisely what makes the iPod touch an attractive product for certain people. The iPod touch 6th generation is the newest iPod touch model, and it features an A8 processor and M8 co-processor, an 8MP rear camera, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, and 1GB of RAM. The iPod touch is available in 16, 32, 64, and 128GB storage configurations, and you can get one in Space Grey, Blue, Gold, Pink, or Silver. 

Since the iPod touch doesn't have cellular (LTE or 3G) connectivity, it's a great gift idea for children who are too young for a phone. It's compatible with most of the apps available on the App Store, so you can load it with educational or entertainment apps and let your kids go to town. 

Another great use for the iPod touch is as a smart home "remote." Simply load it with smart home apps and connect it to your Wi-Fi network; then you can use it to control your smart lights, smart security cameras, speakers, and more. 

iPod nano: Small and Fun 

Don't need to use App Store apps but still want a music player with a bright, beautiful screen? You'll want to check out the iPod nano 7th generation. This iPod is equipped with a 2.5" touchscreen, 16GB storage capacity, and a battery that lasts for 30 hours of audio playback or 3.5 hours of video. It's also loaded with an FM radio and is compatible with Nike+. 

Since the iPod nano is small and light, it makes a great workout partner. Slip it into a pocket or armband and you can work up a sweat to your favourite workout playlist. 

iPod shuffle: Tiny and Convenient 

The smallest member of the iPod line, the iPod shuffle gets its name from its simple, streamlined design. Turn on the Shuffle switch and the iPod will randomly play tunes to create a spontaneous listening experience. It features 2GB of storage and a clickable control pad that makes it simple to navigate through your music. 

The iPod shuffle is the most portable member of the iPod family, so it's the perfect companion when you want to head out on a run with a minimal amount of gear.