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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ottoman

The living room is the focal point of the home: your relaxing oasis to unwind at the end of a long day watching your favourite show or reading a new book, a place to spend quality time with family, and the room to host get-togethers with your friends, both big and small. Finding the right living room furniture is key to creating the atmosphere and style you want. The perfect ottoman can really tie the whole room together, and with a ton of options to choose from, including storage ottomans, coffee table ottomans and ottomans that double as extra seating, there really is one for every living space.

Find the right size and shape

As an accent piece, you don’t want your ottoman to dwarf your other furniture or compromise the flow of the floor space, so be sure to select one that fits with the rest of the décor. The shape of an ottoman will impact the aesthetics of your chosen room, either complementing or contrasting with the existing design. A large, rectangular ottoman is more traditional and prominent than a square one with softer, rounded edges, and completely circular models create a contemporary seamlessness that blends the room together.

Pick the perfect fabric

Because ottomans are well-loved and well-used items in living spaces, it is important to determine how much wear they’ll withstand to ensure they last. Classic leather or durable, stain-resistant fabrics are a good choice for high traffic areas with pets or children, while master bedroom ottomans can stand to have surface materials that are a little more delicate.

Don’t forget about usage

Ottomans have evolved to do more than just support your heels. Today many models come with integrated storage functions, effectively replacing coffee tables, toy boxes, and additional shelving. Placing trays or books on structured ottomans lets them serve as tabletops, while others have lids that lift off to reveal hidden storage spaces inside. If you’re pressed for space or dislike clutter, an ottoman with storage offers a wonderful space-saving solution.