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  • Coffee Tables to Prop Up Life’s Simple Pleasures

    Coffee tables do more than just offer a level surface on which to indulge your caffeine cravings. They form part of your living room centrepiece for good reason. Deck them out with sleek statuary or an artful stack of books, use them to display your culinary endeavours, or make them your go-to storage for remote controls, coasters and other household miscellany. At Best Buy, you’ll find coffee tables in all shapes and sizes from brands like NEXERA, Walker Edison, TechCraft and Simpli Home to accent your existing living room furniture.

    A Sofa Match Made in your Very Own Living Room

    With style often the first consideration in home furnishings, it’s easy to overlook function when picking out the perfect complement to your sofa. First, get comfy with your measuring tape and start with these handy rules of thumb. Your coffee table should be about the same height or one to two inches lower than your sofa cushions and measure no more than two-thirds of the sofa’s length. If your living area is barraged by high foot traffic, consider adding two feet of clearance around each side of the table.

    Setting the Stage for your Coffee Table

    If geometry isn’t your strong point, then choose a coffee table shape that jibes with the picture in your mind when you envision your living space. If you want to entertain guests on a regular basis, a circular or oval table encourages camaraderie, while round pieces offer easy and safe manoeuvrability for the occasional gathering. If your seating areas look too far apart, a square table offers a unifying focal point, although rounded edges are the safe bet when you have tiny tots or pets running around. To add an international flavour to your decor, consider low coffee tables that let you sit on the floor.