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Patio Tables for Every Outdoor Space

During the warm spring, summer, and - if you’re lucky - fall months you want to spend as much time as you can enjoying the fresh air and warm breezes. No deck, backyard, or patio is complete without a patio table where you can enjoy meals, read a book, do some work, or just relax.

Choosing your Patio Table Size and Style

Small patio tables create an intimate, cozy feeling, are great for small decks and patios, and make it easy to store them away when they are not in use. Mid-sized tables are perfect for a couple or small family to enjoy outdoor meals, as well as hosting small get-togethers. If you have the space available, large patio tables make great centerpieces for summer BBQs, potlucks, and family dinners. When deciding on a style, make sure to select a piece that works with the rest of your outdoor space. Round tables add a rustic, quant feel to any décor, while square tables tend to accentuate a more modern look and feel.

Choosing your Patio Table Materials

Wood tables offer a welcoming and traditional feel to any space. Many types of wood are perfect for the outdoors, like White Pine which comes from Canada’s Boreal forests and is designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Tempered glass tops offer cost-effective options for a modern, sleek design that is resistant to rain and sun, but will need to be cleaned often to prevent smudges and rings.

Resin wicker is a stylish, lightweight material that offers a strong, sturdy frame. Wicker tables make a great long-term investment if they are cared for properly.

Metal legs are common on plastic or tempered glass tables. Metal is built to withstand water, wind, and UV rays, and some metal frames fold in for easy transportation and storage, as they can be stacked and laid flat in a vehicle.

Plastic tables are extremely lightweight and affordable. Plastic tables are often seen at work places, schools, and large parties because of their simple styling and lightweight design that can easily be transported.

Proper Care for your Patio Table

Not everyone is able to store their table during the harsh winter months or shield it from the summer sun. If you are leaving your patio table out year-round, try and cover it during the wet winter months or shield it from as much damage as possible. That being said, most outdoor furniture will be exposed to rain and sun, so look for materials that are UV and/or water resistant. Real wood tables should be cleaned and finished with a weather-resistant stain each year to protect the quality of the wood and prevent fading and warping. Glass tables hold up very well to both water and UV exposure, but will show smudges easily so are maybe not the best choice for households with small children. Wicker tables must be properly treated for outdoor climates. Wicker designs should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent the material from fading and drying out, and should not be left in wet conditions for too long to prevent rot.

Consider a Folding Table

Did you know you can get folding tables for outside as well? A folding table is perfect for temporary use when you need it, like during an outdoor barbecue to lay food and drinks out buffet-style, for showcasing your wares at a garage sale or lemonade stand, outdoor crafting with the kids, or to accommodate extra people when hosting larger events. You can even find folding tables with built-in sinks and faucets that connect to a garden hose, ideal for fishing, hunting, camping, or other similar activities.

Folding tables range from four-foot wooden ones you can take with you to the beach or camping or use to display plants or as side tables for drinks, to as large as eight feet. They come in rectangular, square, or even round shapes. The best foldable table will be simple to assemble and fold back up, be made of a heat, spill, and weather-resistant material, and be easy to clean. They should also be strong and stable enough to hold several pounds, whether that's a few casserole dishes full of food, heavy cans of paint, or potted plants for décor.

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