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Get the Sleep of Your Dreams with the Perfect Pillow

Why Pillows are so Important

When it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, your entire sleep environment plays a role. Your mattress, comforter set, and pillow impact your sleep just as much as your curtains or white noise machine do.

Proper neck alignment while you sleep will help alleviate morning aches and pains—and bed pillows with stylish cases really take your bedroom up a notch!

When Should I Replace My Pillow?

Unlike mattresses, which last for about a decade (or until the mattress develops a 2” resting dip, if that comes first), sleeping pillows require regular replacement. As a general rule of thumb, feather, down, and synthetic pillows need replacing every 18 months. Your pillow should have a bit of “spring” to it, easing its way back open if you fold it over.

For softer or cheaper pillows, replacement might be necessary in as little as 6 months. For high-quality memory foam pillows, you’ll find that they’re likely to last up to 36 months.

Choosing a Pillow for Sleep

It’s recommended that you look at two aspects when selecting a pillow for sleep: sleeping style and material.

Side sleepers make up about 70% of the population, and fare best with firm pillows. They need to be relatively high off of the bed to account for shoulder width, so consider a more structured material for these types of pillows. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows are a great option here, as are orthopaedic neck support pillows.

Back sleepers need a pillow that cradles the head, so medium-height pillows of medium firmness are best. Look towards materials like down, memory foam, or latex. If you experience neck pain, cervical pillows are a great way to get the support you need while on your back. Adjustable models help customize their shape for your body even further.

Finally, stomach sleepers need the lowest height of pillow possible. Look for thin, soft pillows made from down, polyester, rayon, or foam.

Specialized Pillows to Suit Your Needs

Pillows go beyond standard bed pillows, and offer support in other areas of your life as well. A great throw pillow pairs beautifully with your comforter set, but the same pleasing design provides much-needed support for a couch or armchair as well.

Longer body pillows offer a sense of security while in bed, and specialized shapes can ease bodily stressors. U-shaped pillows, maternity pillows, and pregnancy pillows help support the body when it’s carrying extra weight—and feeding pillows will even provide support after the baby is born.

For a great night’s sleep, the right pillow in the right pillowcase is a bedroom essential.