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  • Sleep Soundly Under the Comfort of a Duvet Cover

    If crawling into bed is the part of your day, then make sure your sleeping space is as comfortable as can be. From a supportive mattress to plush pillows, all the elements of your bed play a part in a good night’s sleep. And a duvet cover is no different. This essential piece of bedding can shroud you in softness to keep you comfy from dusk to dawn. Shop Best Buy’s wide selection of duvet covers and duvet cover sets to dress up your bed in style and comfort.

    What is a Duvet Cover?

    A duvet cover is both a decorative and protective case for a comforter or duvet – you know, that fluffy blanket that you love snuggling up with. Like a pillowcase is to a pillow, a duvet cover slips over a duvet to protect it from dirt, dust, and stains. Because duvets themselves are often bulky, expensive, and sometimes non-washable, a duvet cover offers an extra layer of protection to keep your precious duvet looking and feeling like new. Duvet covers are also easier to wash than duvet and can add splashes of and pattern to your bedroom décor.

    What Do I Get in a Duvet Cover Set?

    Many duvet covers come in a set, making it easy to make your bedding match. Duvet sets are available in all bed and often come with one or two pillowcases or shams in a coordinating or design. Some full bed cover sets also include a fitted and flat sheet, so you can get all the bedding you need in a single package.

    What Should I Consider When Buying a Duvet Cover?

    When shopping for a duvet cover or duvet set, consider the following features.


    Choose the size of your duvet cover based on the size of your duvet – and not necessarily the size of your bed. Some people – like couples and blanket hoggers – will opt for larger duvets for extra coverage and warmth. So, when shopping for a duvet cover, always double check that it matches the size of your duvet. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a queen duvet cover only to realize you have a king duvet at home.


    The material of the duvet cover you choose will have a big impact on how comfortable you are when sleeping. For that luxurious feeling of dozing off in a five-star hotel room, look for a lush Egyptian cotton duvet cover. For buttery-smooth, breathable comfort in all seasons, consider a silk duvet cover. For a long-lasting, affordable alternative to cotton, consider a duvet cover made with microfibre polyester or a polyester-cotton blend.

    Thread Count

    You’ve probably seen the words “thread count” thrown around when shopping for bedding. Well, this sometimes-mystifying term refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, both horizontally and vertically. Generally, the higher the thread count number, the better. But, keep in mind that different manufacturers may measure thread count in different ways. For a cotton duvet cover set, look for a thread count of at least 200 for comfort and durability.

    Closure Options

    Duvet covers are sewn shut on three sides and open on the fourth side to allow you to insert a duvet. The open side will have a specific closure type to ensure the duvet doesn’t slip out. Duvet cover closures can range from zippers and envelope folds to hidden buttons and snaps. These closure options all serve the same purpose and are a matter of personal preference.

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