A Quick Look at PlayStation Portable (PSP)

With the Sony PlayStation Portable gaming device, everywhere will be a lot more fun. It’s sleek and lightweight design packs a whole lot of power into it so you can play games, watch movies, listen to music, browse the Web, and so much more. And with a wide variety of PSP games and accessories to choose from at Best Buy, it’ll enhance every experience.

Learn More about PlayStation Portable (PSP)

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) system is a fully loaded device that’s ready to play whenever you are. Choose from hundreds of games, or surf the Internet with integrated Wi-Fi. The incredibly vibrant display is the perfect spot to view every visual with stunning clarity, while its sleek design is easy to hold no matter what you’re doing with it.

PlayStation Portable games are designed for just about everyone. Whether it’s role-playing, adventure, family, racing, fighting, or puzzle games, there are hundreds of PSP titles to choose from a constanly-growing library. The PSP even lets you join the multi-player party so you can challenge anyone with your system.

Access the PlayStation Store and search through hundreds of game titles, movies, and demos. You can download your favourite entertainment, as well as game add-ons, trailers, wallpapers and more.

Accessories are a must-have for every PlayStation PSP owner. Picking up a traveler case that can hold some of your games, additional memory cards, and more will help you to transport all your PSP stuff all inside a handy package. You can also pick up an adapter, headphones for private listening, or a memory card.