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USB Type-C Power Chargers

USB Type-C is well on its way to becoming the standard connector for smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and other high tech gear. There’s a lot to like about about USB-C, including its compact connector that’s also reversible and supports high speed data transfers.

But the other big advantage of USB-C is that it can also deliver a lot of power, so manufacturers have also begun to switch to USB charging. That capability has meant a revolution in power adapters, with a new wave of USB Type-C chargers.

USB Type-C Wall Chargers

When you buy a new mobile device, it usually comes with a power charger. One charger. Constantly plugging and unplugging that one charger from wall outlets as you move around your home or office is inconvenient. Instead, pick up a few USB Type-C wall chargers. They’re compact, inexpensive and universal—you don’t have to worry about matching a charger brand to smartphone manufacturer, so long as the device charges using a USB-C port. Having several USB-C chargers strategically placed means you can easily plug in for extended calls or web surfing sessions without worrying about your battery running out, and without having to remember to carry a power charger with you.

USB Type-C Power Banks

The worst time to run into battery life issues with your smartphone or tablet is also the most likely to happen: when you’re on the go and away from available electrical outlets.

USB Type-C power banks are an excellent solution to this problem. They range in size and capacity, but all are portable enough to take with you. Some pack high capacity batteries that can charge multiple USB-C devices simultaneously, and even fully charge a smartphone several time over. These are great for travel or camping, when electrical outlets are often few and far between. You can also find tiny USB Type-C power banks that are the size of a lipstick, but despite their ultra-portability, still pack the power to give you hours of extra smartphone talk time in a pinch.

USB Type-C Car Chargers

Travelling by car can be tough on your smartphone or tablet battery. Many people use their mobile devices for entertainment on extended road trips. They also do double-duty in the navigation department. Keep a USB Type-C car charger in your vehicle and you’ll never have to worry about your USB Type-C compatible mobile device running out of power while you’re on the road.