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Keep your devices charged and accessible with a great selection of USB Wall Chargers

Today so many of our modern devices rely on USB cables to keep them charged and ready. However, the average home still delivers most of its power via traditional electrical outlets. USB wall chargers are a convenient way to keep your cell phones, tablets, and other USB devices powered and ready anywhere that an electrical socket is available without having to hunt for a PC or other USB power source.

What is a USB wall charger?

A USB wall charger is a simple adapter that allows users to connect a device via a USB power cable to a traditional wall electrical socket, thus charging the device’s battery without the necessity of connecting to a powered USB port. Cell phones and tablets are excellent examples of devices that typically connect via some type of USB power cable. With a USB wall charger, these devices can draw power from any standard wall power outlet.

This can be extremely useful in the home, office, or basically anywhere in the world at large. Whereas powered USB charging ports are not yet ubiquitous, you can find a standard power outlet just about anywhere you go, making USB wall chargers a necessity to ensure you always have the ability to charge your devices at hand. Many USB wall chargers will also allow your devices to charge more quickly when connecting directly to a wall power socket than they might when connected to a less powerful USB port.

Types of USB wall chargers

Most USB wall chargers feature a very similar design. Typically they resemble a small, rectangular box shape with a traditional male 2-pronged electrical plug at one end and a female USB port at the other. The compact shape is often designed so that it is slim enough to ensure that the USB wall charger only takes up one outlet, and does not impede other cables that may be plugged in to power outlets in close proximity. This also makes USB wall chargers very portable and easy to carry along with your USB cables and devices.

There are also USB wall chargers that offer multiple USB charging ports. These USB charging hubs are a bit larger in order to accommodate the additional USB ports, however they can draw enough power from a single electrical socket to charge multiple USB devices at the same time. This can be especially useful in locations where you may wish to keep multiple devices charged and ready, such as at a work station or a bedtime night stand.

In addition to the standard type of USB port, USB-C chargers are readily available as well. USB-C is the most recent iteration of the USB family, and many newer smart phone, tablets, and other devices are beginning to incorporate USB-C ports and functionality into their standard design.