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Keep your console safe and your accessories organized with these PS Vita Cases

The PS Vita is among the most powerful dedicated handheld gaming systems ever created. With that much gaming potential in the palm of your hands, you’ll want to keep you’re console safe and secure for those daily commutes and long flights. Keep your system pristine and your games and accessories handy with this selection of PS Vita cases.

Why do I need a PS Vita case?

As with any portable device, keeping your PS Vita safe from harm is a top priority—which makes the case a must-have PS Vita accessory. Most players will carry their PS Vita console around in a backpack or suitcase during their travels (when they aren’t playing of course), which puts the device at risk for bumps, scratches, and other undesirable hazards. Using a PS Vita case to protect your console will ensure you can commute worry-free, knowing that your PS Vita will be in great condition once you reach your destination.

As of 2019 Sony is no longer manufacturing new PS Vita consoles, which makes keeping your PS Vita safe even more imperative. Since replacing the PS Vita is no longer as simple as walking into the store and purchasing a new one, PS Vita owners will want to go to the appropriate lengths to ensure that their console remains in peak condition for years to come.

Styles of PS Vita cases

There are a variety of different styles of cases available for the PS Vita. Hard shell cases are made from firmer materials such as hard plastic or aluminum, and often offer the most protection against inadvertent damage. However they are also usually larger than most other cases, and can be a bit heavier or bulkier to store. Soft shell cases on the other hand may be made from materials such as fabric and vinyl, and are typically lighter and less bulky. Soft shell cases may offer slightly less protection than a firm hard case however.

Depending on the size of the case you choose, there may also be room to store additional accessories as well. Some cases are designed to hold PS Vita game cartridges, charging cables, headphones, and more. You may wish to choose one of these larger PS Vita cases if you wish to keep all your games and accessories along with your PS Vita console in one convenient storage solution.

Protective cases and screen protectors

Another option for keeping your PS Vita safe is a protective cover. This type of case simply snaps over the body of the console, molding to the same shape of the PS Vita but providing an extra layer of protection against bumps and scratches. The console is not intended to be removed when playing, but rather the case stays on the console at all times. They can be made from materials such as clear plastic or aluminum. Aluminum cases come in a variety of colours and allow players to customize their PS Vita’s appearance.

Screen protectors are designed specifically to prevent damage to the PS Vita’s display. These clear sheets are made from tempered glass and semi-permanently applied to the screen of the PS Vita through adhesion to serve as a protective film.