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Power up and game on with a variety of PS3 Power Cords & Component Cables

As the first home console to support HD Blu-ray technology, the Sony PlayStation 3 straddles the gap between standard and high definition. As such the PS3 console is compatible with multiple A/V output options. It also supports a universal 100-240 voltage range, making its power supply compatible just about anywhere around the globe. Keep your console going strong for years to come with PS3 Power Cords & Component Cables.

PlayStation 3 audio/video cables

Since the PlayStation 3 features a Blu-ray disc drive and high definition support, it is of course compatible with any HDMI cable for connecting audio and video to your HDTV. However since the PlayStation 3 console generation began during a time when many homes still did not have HDTV technology, it is also compatible with standard definition A/V component cables.

Naturally most games and media will look better on the PS3 in 720-1080p HD resolution, but some early titles still opted for visual styles better suited for standard definition. Aesthetics such as text size that were configured with standard definition in mind may actually become small and difficult to read when scaled to HD resolution for example. This is just one reason why it can be beneficial to own both HDMI and standard definition A/V component cables for the enjoyment of your PlayStation 3 library.

The PlayStation 3 is also compatible with digital optical audio cables for sound, which may be used under some circumstances for an improved experience depending on your audio setup.

PlayStation 3 power cords and power supply

Unlike its chief competitor, the design of the PS3 involves a very conventional approach to power. The entirely internal power supply means that the power cord for the PS3 does not incorporate an external power brick, and as such only a universal power cord (the same type that is compatible with a number of universal electronics and PC components) is required to power the console. This makes the PS3 power cord much easier to replace, as well as more efficient for storage and travel.

With the limited exception of a very few early PS3 “FAT” models (rated 220-240V), every other PS3 model has a built-in power supply that supports voltages of 100V – 220V. This covers the global range of power outlets, and means the PS3 console should be compatible anywhere in the world.

If you do happen to have an early PS3 console with power supply models LSEB1226B1, LSEB1254A1 or APS-227, the console will not operate with voltages less than 220V.

PlayStation 3 charging cables

The PlayStation 3 console also incorporates multiple USB ports, which can work in tandem with charging cables and other USB-powered accessories. As the standard PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controller features an internal battery for power, USB charging cables or charging docks connected to the console itself are the most ideal way to keep your controllers charged and ready. As long as the USB cable is long enough to allow for comfortable gaming, you can even charge the DualShock 3 controller while simultaneously playing a game.