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Keep your console and accessories ready with PS4 Power Cords & Charging Stations

Whether you’re just looking to replace that lost or worn out cable, or simply want to keep all your PS4 accessories topped up with power every time you sit down to play, there are a number of PS4 power cables & charging stations available to ensure that the gaming action never has to end until you say so.

PS4 controller charging cables

ThePS4 Dual Shock 4 controller is well known for its internal battery. This is an amazing feature when you consider how it puts an end to the cycle of purchasing and replacing AA batteries. However, the catch is that players must keep the internal battery charged (or connected via a PS4 charging cable to play.

PS4 controllers charge via a USB/micro USB power cable. The standard USB end connects to the PS4 console while the micro USB end connects to the controller. It is easy to purchase a replacement if this cable becomes lost or damaged. Also, while the PS4 console comes with a PS4 controller charging cable, additional controllers purchased separately do not come with a PS4 charging cable, and therefore players may also wish to purchase additional charging cables separately when getting a new controller.

You can also use multiple cables to charge more than one controller at a time, however the number of controllers that can charge simultaneously using the PS4 console as a power source is limited to the number of available USB ports on the PS4. Keep in mind that other accessories may also be taking up USB ports on the PS4 console, such as the PS4 camera or PSVR.

Playing while charging with a PS4 controller charger

Luckily if your PS4 controller has no power and you don’t want to wait for it to charge, you can still play while the controller is plugged in and charging. However, this usually requires being plugged in directly to the console, which can make cable length an issue. The standard PS4 charging cable that comes packed in with most PS4 consoles is only about 5 feet long, but many players’ PS4 console is further than 5 feet away from where they like to sit.

For situations like this it can be very beneficial to have a longer PS4 charging cable on hand. Replacement PS4 charging cables of 10 feet or even longer are available and make it much easier to play comfortably while your controller is plugged in and charging.

PS4 controller charging stations

One of the best solutions for keeping PS4 controllers charged—especially for players or households with multiple controllers—is a PS4 controller docking and charging station. Rechargeable controller docking stations will allow you to charge multiple controllers at one time, while generally taking up only one or even none of the PS4 console’s USB ports.

Rechargeable PS4 docking stations typically house between 2 to 4 controllers/accessories. They not only make plugging in your device for charging easy, but they cradle your accessories in an aesthetically pleasing way that keep controllers and devices neat and organized while charging, and reducing the number of loose cables cluttering up your gaming space.

Utilizing one or more docking stations in conjunction with multiple controllers is the easiest way to ensure players always have a controller charged and ready. It also makes it easier to ensure multiple controllers are all charged and ready for co-op multiplayer gaming with friends and family.

Rechargeable docking stations with additional features

Many rechargeable PS4 controller docking stations even offer additional benefits on top of cradling and keeping your controllers and accessories charged. For example, some docking stations also act as a base/cooling station for the PS4 console itself. Cooling stations use a fan to reduce heat and keep the components inside the PS4 console cool, thereby extending the life of your PS4.

Other charging stations even provide detachable battery packs in addition to charging your PS4 controllers directly. These battery packs fit on the wireless PS4 controller for additional battery life. Some charging stations also provide additional storage space, such as a space to hang your gaming headset, or slots to hold your game cases.