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Add Affordable Style to Any Room with an Area Rug

The right rug can really tie a room together. Area rugs take up virtually no space, and can be an easy and affordable way to add dimension and style to enhance your décor. You can buy rugs online in Canada from BestBuy.ca at the Lowest Price Guarantee, with various sizes and many patterns to choose from. When you buy a carpet online, consider a few key factors to find the best match for your needs.


Natural fibres like wool and cotton are classic, comfy, and easy to clean, while synthetic fibres such as polypropylene and nylon are extremely stain resistant and durable. A material like polyester can offer a vibrant, shiny look and feel with added resistance to fading and soil dye reactions.

Sizes and use

Always be sure to measure your space and choose an area rug to suit. Small rugs under 5' are ideal for entryways, to protect your floor from dirt and moisture. Medium area rugs, between 5' and 8' are perfect for under coffee tables or in dining rooms. Large rugs up to and over 10' can be used to cover virtually an entire room's floor. When doing so, try to leave an equal amount of exposed floor around all sides as a border for best results.

Patterns and styles

From solid colours through traditional to contemporary patterns, rugs are available in every conceivable style, be it simple, intricate, abstract, or natural. You can choose a style or colour to match your décor, or create contrast by adding an intricate pattern to complement a larger motif, or vice versa.

Durability and maintenance

A quality rug should be able to protect your floor and fend for itself. The inherent resilience of synthetic fibres is often enhanced with stain and fade resistant design. Many rugs have an antistatic surface that makes it easy to remove stains, soils, and pet fur. Care is generally as easy as vacuuming normally and spot cleaning with mild soap and water.