The Samsung Galaxy S10e

As smartphone technology continues to improve in impressive leaps and bounds, the barrier to entry is rising as well. Not everybody want to shell out top dollar just to stay on pace with the current trends. This can leave consumers asking what options are available when they want a powerful and appealing new smartphone without going over the top on a ton of extra features they will likely never use. Samsung has an answer with the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10e features

The Samsung Galaxy S10e may be the entry level member of the brand new S10 family, but it still benefits from some of the best features of Samsung’s newest line. The S10e has a 5.8” Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display, perfect for viewing, web surfing, and so much more. The front camera has even been discreetly hidden in order to offer the most distraction-free cinematic experience possible. The Dynamic AMOLED screen has also been engineered to reduce blue light by upwards of 42% without compromising picture quality, allowing for late night viewing sessions with significantly less eye strain.

A key feature that is unique to the Samsung Galaxy S10e is its fingerprint scanner, which is contained within the power button on the side of the phone rather than the display itself. Unlock and open your phone with a simple movement by resting your thumb on the power button, near where your thumb already naturally sits.

Samsung Galaxy S10e specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S10e comes with the choice of a heathy 128GB storage capacity—or an even more robust 256GB for those who want to double down on space for all the great games, apps, videos, and photos you’ll be enjoying. The S10e’s performance is driven by an Octa-Core Samsung Exynos 9820 processor, along with 6GB on RAM for optimal, lightning-fast performance.

The S10e doesn’t just look good on the inside though, it’s also designed to be one of the most aesthetically appealing smartphones available on the outside as well. The S10 series casing features prismatic colours created through the use of revolutionary nano-laminated film. This innovation gives the phone a futuristic appearance that shines beyond expectations. The Samsung Galaxy S10e comes in three different variants: Prism White, Prism Black, and Prism Blue.

Samsung Galazy S10e in comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S10e pares down some of the more extravagant features available in the S10 line, making it the most appealing option to those who want the latest smartphone without all of the extra bells and whistles that many consumers may not use anyway.

For example, the S10e comes with a dual rear camera system, and a single front camera. This is in comparison to the triple rear cameras/single front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10, and the even more packed triple rear camera/dual front camera system of the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

To put it bluntly, no matter which model you choose, you’re going to get a lot of camera lenses! The S10e may be the thriftiest setup, but it still has impressive features such as a 16MP ultra-wide lens and a dual pixel 12MP wide lens with autofocus and image stabilization.

The S10 and S10+ bolster slightly larger displays (6.1” curved and 6.4” curved respectively) next to the 5.8” flat display of the S10e. The increased carriage of the S10 and S10+ also allows for slightly larger batteries and space for a bit more RAM as well (8GB each compared to the S10e’s 6GB). That said, the Samsung Galaxy S10e stands out with its capacity to fit near-comparable specs in a smaller, more comfortable frame, and an overall more economical package.