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Explore the health benefits of saunas

Whether you’re stopping in after a dip in the pool or you’re recovering after a difficult workout, saunas are a great way to relax. The warmth and moisture of a portable sauna can help you with a variety of health issues including breathing, aches and pains, and even anxiety.

What is a sauna?

There are a few different types of saunas. Some saunas are portable and designed for one person, while others are large structures you set up in your yard and are designed to hold the entire family.

Outdoor saunas

An outdoor sauna is a small, cabin like structure with a wood interior. There are benches for seating, and the sauna uses a sauna heater to heat up the room. Many models also have rocks, and you’ll pour water on the rocks to release steam. The temperature inside an outdoor sauna is usually set between 65°C to 90°C (150°F and 195°F).

Infrared Saunas

An infrared sauna is similar to an outdoor sauna in that it’s a wooden box designed for one, two, or several people. Infrared saunas use one or more infrared carbon heaters to heat the interior. These heaters ensure your sauna heat up quickly and has even warmth distribution for everyone inside.

Portable saunas

A portable sauna is slightly different than an outdoor sauna. It’s a small, portable container made with a wood frame and fabric exterior. It’s designed for one person and is easy to set up. Portable saunas heat using infrared heater panels and have chairs inside for you to sit down. They can reach a max temperature of approximately 65 degrees Celsius.

To use a portable sauna, you’ll zip yourself in with your head exposed. Many models offer a remote control to turn the heat up and down.

Benefits of portable and infrared saunas

Portable sauna and infrared saunas are easy to add to any home, and they are both safe and inexpensive. You’ll reap the benefits of having a sauna as soon as you start using one, and you may find using saunas on a regular basis will improve your sleep, detoxify your body, aid in weight loss, and help you achieve clear skin.

Infrared saunas and portables saunas aid in relief from sore muscles and joints, and they are a beneficial therapy for people with arthritis or breathing issues. Saunas have mental health benefits, and having a sauna bath during the chilly winter months can boost your mood and ease anxiety.

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