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A Quick Look at Scanners

Scanners are great for making digital copies of old photos, artwork, business cards, books, and more. Best Buy carries a wide selection of photo, card, document, and portable scanner so you’ll be able to find one that meets all your needs. And when you choose a scanner from great brands like Kodak, Epson, Canon, Viewsonic, Fujitsu, and HP, you’ll enjoy a high quality scanning experience.

Learn More about Scanners

A document scanner gives you the power to easily create digital copies of reports and paperwork. Most scanners come with handy software and support a range of document sizes, so you can save your scanned documents into popular formats including searchable PDFs.

A photo scanner is perfect for those old photos that have been gathering dust in your photo boxes. You can scan them to your computer and create digital copies so you can preserve, edit and print them out.

A smaller scanner for business cards is great for business travellers. Most models are usually lightweight and super compact, but give you the power to scan and store cards. And just like most scanners, handy software helps you manage everything.

A portable scanner is ideal if you’re always out and about. Usually small enough to be tossed into a bag, portable scanners make it simple to scan photos, documents and more no matter where you are without carrying around a bigger and bulkier device.