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Achieve Organizational Efficiency Using Label Printers

For lovers of organization and workflow streamlining, there's nothing more satisfying than a label printer. These handy printers create custom labels at the touch of a button. They're perfect for sticking to an organizational plan, and ideal for saving time on repetitive tasks like shipping, labelling, and stocking.

Great Uses for a Label Printer at Home

Electronic desktop laser printers are a popular option for at-home use. With their handheld size and simple design, their versatile design is great for creating long-lasting labels that will see gentle to moderate wear over time. Well-known brands such as Brother, DYMO, and Zebra offer entry-level models for casual use, which typically come with a keyboard and digital screen.

Handheld label printers are an excellent choice for food labelling and office organization, and can help create a more professional workspace within a school or craft space.

What Kind of Labels Can I Print?

If you're only looking to print simple, tape-style labels, a handheld model is likely the best label maker for you. However, if you need a barcode printer, shipping label printer, or printers that can work in a variety of sizes, you may need something larger. Some label makers can handle colour tasks like custom sticker printing to help raise brand awareness, or create simple, stick-on barcodes for easy stocktaking.

Feature-rich desktop label printers are great for creating stickers that will help increase efficiency in the workplace. You'll want to look at aspects like print quality, label stock cost, software, printing speed, and cross-platform design to help you choose the best label printer for your business or organization.

Types of Label Printers

There are two common types of label maker technologies: thermal transfer and direct thermal printers. Thermal transfer printers use ink ribbons to create a durable, long-lasting image, while direct thermal label printers use heat to darken compounds already in the label itself. Direct thermal labels makers, such as receipt printers, are an economical option that need minimal maintenance. However, their receipt-style labels have a short shelf life and are sensitive to both light and heat.

As the market develops, you'll notice more and more distinctions between different types of label makers. Many models use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to receive printing information from your computer, tablet, or phone, and may come pre-loaded with easy-to-use templates. Other desktop label makers will connect to your desktop computer through a USB or Ethernet connection, allowing you to design and print large batches of labels quickly from a large screen.

Beyond thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers, there are many different types and models of label makers to suit your home and business needs.