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Securely send documents with a fax machine

In the age of email, document scanners, and scanning apps, do people still use fax machines? It might surprise you to know that fax machines have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past couple of years. There are a lot of different reasons why businesses, both big and small, wouldn’t be without one.

What are the functions of fax machines?

A fax machine is a small, compact device that looks a lot like a printer. Instead of printing documents or photos, it’s used to transmit documents electronically over your telephone provider’s network. The document you send from your fax machine will transmit and be printed on the recipients fax machine in a matter of minutes.

Other people with fax machines can transmit their own documents to you and you don’t have to worry about security. You can also use your fax machine as a copier, scanner, and printer if you need a quick document printed.

Are fax machines still relevant?

Fax machines are definitely still a must in the work place, small business office, and many home business offices. The main reason for that is security. When you consider how email accounts can be compromised and messaging apps are open networks, faxing is a more confidential, secure way of sending important documents.

Most businesses would choose to send contracts and confidential documents via fax machine than any other method because a fax machine is easy to use, will transmit documents quickly, and is a safer way to send paperwork you wouldn’t want prying eyes to see.

Different types of fax machines

There are three main types of fax machines: inkjet fax machines, laser fax machines, and thermal fax machines. An inkjet fax machine creates a digital image of your fax using the same type of ink cartridges you’d find on inkjet printers.

Laser fax machines print your fax using powdered ink stored in a cartridge, and thermal fax machines use an ink ribbon to print instead of an ink cartridge.

Fax machine supplies

Fax machines are easy to set up and use, and most will work as soon as you plug into your power and telephone line. The only additional supplies you will need are fax paper and, when needed, replacement toner cartridge. Thermal fax machines will use thermal fax paper, while inkjet and laser fax machines will use plain printer paper.

Choose your fax machine now by shopping Best Buy’s wide selection of fax machines and fax accessories.