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Slot Cars are Fast and Fun!

Do You Have a Need for Speed?

Slot car driving is an exciting hobby for racing fans of all ages. If you’ve got a need for speed, you’re sure to love running slot cars on tracks of all lengths and configurations. These (typically plastic) tracks include straight sections, curves, loops, and banked curves that easily snap together to create a fun and challenging course. Wood tracks also do exist, though these (often homemade) courses are more rare. Both types of tracks are fully customizable with decorative elements like guard rails and elevation supports, and many sets come with lap counters that allow you to easily hold races of specific lengths. If you want to upgrade your set, electronic (digital) lap counters are also available for purchase separately. Finally, two handheld controllers with built-in turbo boost buttons allow you to manage your speed as you zip around the track, thus making for some truly high-speed racing!

Skilled Racers Lead the Way!

Skill is the name of the game with slot car sets from brands like Scalextric and Carrera GO!!! Only the most skilled drivers know just when to hit the turbo boost and when to let off the gas. Go too fast into a corner and you could fly off the track in a spectacular wreck. But hit the turbo boost button at just the right moment and you’ll round the track in record time! Of course, only experience can take you from beginner status to a true racing champion. But it certainly doesn’t take long to get there. After just a few hours of racing, your skills will already be developing nicely. With a bit of dedication, it won’t be long before you’re the slot car racing champion of your block!

Choosing Your Slot Car Set

If you’re a beginner with concerns that your racing skills may be lacking, never fear—slot cars are easy for anyone to master in relatively short time! Or, you can simply choose a less challenging set. Basic sets are those recommended for kids ages 6 and up, while more complex sets are intended for kids 8 and up. There are also cool themes sometimes available, such as sets based on popular video game or movie characters (think Cars or Mario Kart). Typical scale sizes include 1:43 and 1:32, and tracks vary greatly across brands and sets. What this means is that with slot cars there’s something for absolutely everyone.

Do take note, however, that slot cars and tracks of different scales are not interchangeable, and there’s also the consideration of analog versus digital sets. In the case of analog, you can only run one car per lane, whereas digital sets allow you to run multiple cars per lane since the transmitter controls the vehicle itself rather than the entire lane (note that cars sharing a single lane won’t be able to pass each other).

Maybe Take the Train?

If racing isn’t your style, you may want to choose a model train set instead. Train sets are as much fun as slot car sets, only in a very different way—being all about scale and detail. They come in 6 different scale sizes (Z, N, HO, S, O, and G) and feature a high level of detail and character. They also really work (just like their slot car counterparts), so whether you prefer to zip around the track at breakneck speed or chug peacefully through the countryside on a train, something from the world of slot cars and model trains is sure to please. Choose your set today, and let the fun begin!