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54 results


Train Sets Are Fun For All ages!

If you’ve ever played with a hobby train set, then you know just how much fun they can be. If you haven’t played with trains before, then you are in for a real treat should you choose to pick one of these sets up.

There are train sets for people of all ages, from beginner train sets (such as those for 3 to 5-year olds), all the way up to more advanced model and electric sets for adults. There are also different types of trains, such as passenger, locomotive, and freight.

In the world of toy trains, there’s something for everyone!

Train Sets for Kids

Train sets for kids (particularly those from 3 to 5 years old) tend to be simpler than those for older kids and adults. Often times, both the track and the cars are wooden, with a super deformed aesthetic.

Many additional elements may also be included in these sets, which are often themed. These can include people, buildings, other types of vehicles, three-dimensional landscape elements (such as mountains or hills), and sometimes even a special table with a printed landscape or map (including highways and lakes).

More advanced sets may have lights and sounds, or even real smoke from the train’s engine! They also tend to be more detailed than younger kids’ train sets (adults and collectors love detail), and they’re not as likely to be made of wood. The (typically plastic) tracks can be straight or curved, with switches, splits, flex, and bridges built in.

Train sets for kids are infinitely playable and highly educational, providing hours of fun and enjoyment.

Train Sets for Adults

Train sets for adults tend to be more advanced, detailed, and realistic in terms of their aesthetic. They frequently feature cars that are based on real-world trains (including cars for coal, box cars, passenger/dining cars, gondolas, tanks, freight cars, and even an off-centre caboose).

Sets from manufacturers like Lionel and Bachmann are extremely impressive to look at, and they’re well suited to the hard-core collector or enthusiast.

It’s also worth noting that the term “model trains” can refer both to static models and running (electric) trains. They come in different sizes (or gauges) such as HO, O, and G.

These gauges represent the actual scale of the trains to their real-life counterparts. The smallest scale trains are those of the Z scale (1:220), while the largest are the G scale (1:25) models.

How to Buy A Model Train Set

When choosing a train set to buy, it’s important to consider your overall objective:

Are you buying for yourself, or is it for a small child to play with? How much space do you have available? And which gauge size do you prefer?

Finally, how much money do you wish to spend? The further you delve into the train set hobby, the more expensive it gets.

Being able to answer a few of these questions prior to buying your first train set will help you to narrow down your options and make an informed decision. Knowing what you want and what you’d like to be able to do with it will give you a better chance of being happy with whichever set (or sets) you ultimately choose to pick up.