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Time clock supplies keep your business running efficiently

Keeping track of your employee hours isn’t easy. When you calculate the hours yourself via a spreadsheet or paper and pen, you can make critical errors that can take you hours to fix. If you make errors on a regular basis, you could lose employee confidence too. With time clocks and time clock supplies like time cards, you will always have an accurate way to log employee hours.

What time clock supplies are available?

There are many different types of time clocks available including punch time clocks, card-swipe time clocks, finger print time clocks, and biometric time clocks. When you need to purchase supplies for punch time clocks and card-swipe time clocks, there are a few options including paper time cards and pocket badges.

How do you use time cards?

A time card fits inside a heavy-duty card punch or card stamp time clock. It is usually double-sided and will record regular hours, extra hours, deductions, and pay per week. You can purchase time cards in bulk and you’ll always have supply on hand to log your employee hours.

Pocket badges are a type of time card your employee can swipe through a card-swipe time clock. Pocket badges have all employee information recorded on them so it’s easy to keep track of shift employees or seasonal employees.

You can also purchase a time card rack or pocket badge rack to keep all of your employee time cards or pocket badges neat and organized. A time card rack can save you money as employees won’t take their time card home and lose it, requiring you to replace frequently lost cards.

Time cards help small businesses

If you have a growing small business and you’re interested in automating your payroll process, a time card can save you a lot of time. Time cards can be swiped and the data will automatically be shared with payroll software so everything is taken care of electronically. At the end of your fiscal year all employee data will be available for you and your accountants, so time is saved filing yearly taxes as well.

Having your employees punch a time card or badge when they arrive and leave work will help you keep track of employee productivity, and you’ll always know if someone is arriving late, leaving early, or not showing up at all.

Time clock supplies and time clocks make tracking employee hours simple. You can find time clock supplies and time clocks on Best Buy right now.