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Track employee hours with time clocks

How do you keep track of how many hours your employees work or when they start and finish for the day? If you use a pen and paper you may have errors, and you’ll still have to spend the time going over your records to calculate what your employees will be paid. Instead of using a ledger or spreadsheet, many employers use time clocks to make employee hours easy to manage.

What are time clocks?

A time clock is a device that records employee attendance. When the employee arrives for work they will either punch in or use a finger print to register that they are at work. When they leave for the day the employee will use the same device to register they are done their shift, and you can also require them to sign in and out for lunches and breaks.

Depending on the type of time clock of you choose, you may be able to completely automate the logging of your employee’s hours and payroll. This saves the employer a lot of time, especially if you have employees who are on shifts.

What different types of time clocks are available?

There are different types of time clocks including punch time clocks, fingerprint time clocks, and biometric time clocks. A punch time clock is the most basic type of time clock, and employees will insert a punch card and that card will log their hours.

Fingerprint time clocks and biometric time clocks are some of the newest time clocks on the market, and they will scan employee fingerprints when they arrive and leave work. There are also face verification time clocks that capture employee faces and recognize them when they login and card swipe time clocks where employees use their ID card to register attendance.

Who should use time clocks?

Anyone who has employees that need to log hours should use time clocks. These devices have many benefits for the employer. They save employer time and money by logging employee hours in a computer. You won’t have to spend time using a calculator or a spreadsheet when you have a time clock. Time clocks will also let you know if someone missed work, is consistently logging in late, or if they are leaving early.

Time clocks are fair to employees. They won’t have to worry that you made calculation errors, and when you have a time clock your employees will know their hours are logged accurately. Some time clocks will also integrate with your payment systems so the entire process of paying your employees is automated.

Time clocks are a simple, accurate way of logging employee hours. You can find the best time clock for you on Best buy.