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Experience Ultimate Immersion

Virtual reality takes the action off the screen and wraps it around you; using state of the art, cutting edge hardware these gaming systems put you into the game with advanced optical headsets. VR headsets track where you’re looking, allowing you to exist inside the gaming world, looking up, down, left, and right, in up to 360º of freedom.

PC Gaming

The HTC Vive connects to your gaming PC to deliver intense visuals at super-smooth frame rates. A powerful PC is needed to create the virtual world that you’ll immerse yourself in. The Oculus Quest is also capable of working with your PC, but it’s not necessary to connect the Quest to a PC as the Quest is an all-in-one headset.

Still, it may be connected via a cable that’s sold separately if you wish to do so. This will open your PC to a world of Oculus titles and incredible new gaming and entertainment experiences. You can find all the latest games and experiences at the Oculus store, from Steam, and from other 3D-ready digital shops.

Room Tracking

Room Tracking allows you to really get into the game by monitoring your position in a room and reacting in-game as you move around. With this information your VR system will allow you to physically move, walk, explore and discover everything in your space. 360˚ motion tracking means realistic room-scale experiences unlike any other.

Control your way

Take control with a standard gamepad on either Rift or Vive. Oculus Rift is compatible with Xbox One controllers, while Vive is compatible with the Steam controller. Optimize your play in each game with tight, responsible controls.

Integrated motion controls are available for the HTC Vive and are coming soon for Oculus Rift. Motion control, along with Room Tracking lets you move about the space and control things naturally. Hold a weapon, turn over rocks, climb along ledges, all in virtual reality.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 entertainment systems. This heads-up display offers HD virtual reality gaming to any PlayStation 4 owner, unlocking a wealth of new VR-capable titles for incredibly immersive gameplay.

More than just games

All VR systems are capable of delivering cool VR experiences, but they also take non-VR entertainment to new levels as well. Cinema modes let you watch movies and play traditional games using your VR headset, putting big screen entertainment virtually in front of you, letting you experience your favourite titles like never before.