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  • Frequently asked questions about virtual reality

    If you’ve never tried virtual reality, you’re missing out a world of fun and exploration. Virtual reality lets you travel, game, and visit friends in a world you can step into anytime you put on a virtual reality headset.

    What exactly is virtual reality?

    Virtual reality is an artificial world you can access when you put on a virtual reality headset. Because it’s so immersive, the person using the virtual reality headset really feels as though they are in a new environment. You can travel the world, walking down streets in a city you’ve never stepped foot in, game in a virtual world that makes you feel as though you’re actually there, or create a virtual avatar of yourself and meet new friends in online hangouts.

    When did virtual reality come out?

    Virtual reality came out in the 1990’s, but it’s only become really popular with the release of portable virtual reality headsets like HTC, Playstation, and Oculus. These headsets plug in or connect to your computer or gaming console and let you experience virtual travel, virtual reality games, or pop into a chat room and talk with other people who are also using a VR headset.

    Which virtual reality system is the best?

    There is a lot of choice in virtual reality headsets. Most big gaming brands offer virtual reality systems. Xbox has virtual reality, PlayStation 4 has virtual reality, and PS5 works with the PS4 VR headset and will have its own virtual reality headset. You can also choose virtual reality headsets from HTC and Oculus that work with your PC or on their own.

    Which virtual reality system is best for you will depend on what type of virtual experience you’re interested in. If you’d like to play console specific games on your VR headset you will want to choose a headset that works with your gaming console. If you’d like to travel virtually or play mainstream games with thousands of other people, a headset like Oculus or HTC is your best choice.

    Do virtual reality headsets work with iPods or iPhone?

    Depending on which virtual reality headset you choose, it may also work with your iPod or iPhone. VR headsets that are part of a gaming console system like Xbox or PlayStation won’t connect to your device as they only work with the gaming console itself. Other virtual reality headsets like Oculus or HTC may mirror content to your phone or iPod if you have the compatible app.

    Is virtual reality the future?

    Virtual reality will be a big part of everyone’s future. With a virtual reality headset, we can travel without leaving our living rooms, game with friends who live halfway around the world, or eventually work online in a virtual world. With virtual reality the sky is the limit for gaming, recreation, and more.

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