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Portability Meets Productivity in a Windows Tablet

Take an ultraportable tablet form factor, fill it with powerful processors and fast flash memory, load the full Windows operating system, and what do you get? A Windows tablet, which hits the sweet spot between carry-everywhere portability and productivity-enhancing functionality. More mobile than a standard laptop but just as powerful, Windows tablets give you the ability to get stuff done anywhere, anytime.

Versatility with Microsoft Surface

Microsoft helped expand the market for these lightweight workhorse machines by creating the Surface tablet line. These Microsoft Surface tablets are loaded with the full Windows 10 operating system, so you can run the same software you're accustomed to using on your desktop at home or the laptop at the office. Pick up the optional keyboard and trackpad accessory for the Surface Pro (some Windows Surface machines include a keyboard while others require a separate purchase) and you've got a speedy, versatile laptop workstation that'll boost productivity throughout your busy day. When it's time to kick back and relax, you can remove the keyboard -- or, if it's the Type Cover, simply fold it behind the tablet -- and use the Surface tablet as a convenient way to watch videos or play games.

Since the Surface Pro is a tablet, as well as a laptop, it can perform a few tricks most laptops can't. With the optional Surface Pen (sold separately) you can use the Surface Pro for sketching and taking handwritten notes, which is perfect for situations where you're on your feet and can't use a keyboard.

Other Windows Tablet Manufacturers

Seeing a great opportunity, other companies have leapt onto the Windows tablet bandwagon. Some manufacturers have produced standalone tablets, which can be paired with a separate Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, while other 2 in 1 laptops or hybrid models include the keyboard and trackpad. These Windows tablets come in a variety of sizes, from 7" models that are so light you'll forget it's in your bag to larger machines that provide plenty of screen real estate. Whether you want to edit a report at the local coffee shop or clean out your inbox while sitting in the stands at your kid's soccer game, you'll find the best Windows tablet for your needs at Best Buy. 

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