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A Quick Look at eBook Readers & Accessories

If you love to read while you’re on the go, an eBook Reader might be the ideal companion. These ultra-slim devices often weigh no more than your average paperback novel, and can carry hundreds of eBooks that you can read anywhere. Some eBook Readers even offer tablet-like capabilities so you can surf the web and do even more with your device. And with eBook Readers from Kobo or Amazon available at Best Buy, there’s one for everyone.

Learn More about eBook Readers

Every eBook Reader comes equipped with built-in storage so you’ve got room to store your favourite eBooks. Most models also feature an expandable memory card slot that gives you the freedom to add even more space so you can carry a virtual library that’s personalized for you.

Integrated Wi-Fi is available in some models, so you can access Kobo’s Bookstore or your local public library to download the hottest titles. Some eBook Readers even allow you to connect with friends on Facebook and other social sites.

eInk technology is what makes reading on an eBook Reader just like reading a real novel. eBook Readers that feature this technology offer a paper-like display of every page, and it’s fully readable in direct sunlight.

Interactive Note-Taking

With the integration of stylus compatibility, eBook Readers have evolved into dynamic tools for both reading and note-taking. This functionality allows you to jot down thoughts, highlight important sections, or sketch directly on the page, making it an ideal companion for students, professionals, or anyone looking to interact more deeply with their reading material.

Enhancing Digital Reading with Colour Screens

Once confined to black-and-white displays, the latest eReaders now offer vibrant, full-colour screens, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of these devices, all while maintaining the convenience and portability eReaders are known for. Whether you're a visual learner, a comic book enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the experience of a colour display, the new generation of eReaders promises to make your reading experience more immersive than ever before.

Audiobook Capability for Multitasking Readers

For audiobook enthusiasts, the ability to listen to your favourite books transforms the eBook Reader into a multimedia device. Whether you're commuting, exercising, or simply need a break from the screen, the audiobook feature allows you to enjoy your favourite books in audio form. This adds a layer of convenience and flexibility for busy individuals who want to stay engaged with their reading while on the go. Plus, many eBook Readers are waterproof, offering the advantage of reading or listening by the pool or beach without worry.

Protect Your eReader with Accessories

eBook Reader accessories are a must-have to keep your device safe from the rigours of travel. Pick up a skin to keep your device and the screen protected from nicks and scratches, or grab yourself a case so you can toss your Reader into your bag when you’re headed out.

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