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Get fit and relive memorable moments with workout & sports DVDs

Why and what kinds of workout DVDs should you buy?

It has become harder and harder for busy professionals to find time to go to gym to workout which makes at-home DVDs appealing because you can get exercise in the comfort of your own homes.

There are many different exercises and ways they can benefit your body, health, and wellness, so it’s important to select the right workout DVD to meet your needs. Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle, sculpt your body, or just stay healthy? Do you have any physical limitations, and are you older? Would you consider yourself a beginner or are you ready for advanced level workouts? And are you looking for an entire fitness plan, including nutrition and a workout plan for the next 30-60 days? Or just guidance on a series of quick workouts you can do when you have time?

All of these questions will factor into the decision of whether you buy a 60-day P90X workout DVD or a DVD with simple sets of 10-15-minute workouts that involve cardio, or work on something like body sculpting or fat shedding

What kinds of workout DVDs are available?

Workout DVDs run the gamut, ranging from beach body workouts to 60-day workout plans, specific exercises or types of exercises like pilates, kettlebell, cycling, martial arts, yoga, and cardio, and interval training.

Some exercise DVD sets come with multiple workout so you can adjust based on your needs, if you feel like doing cardio one day, for example, and body sculpting another. Others are total fitness DVDs and include detailed plans that walk you through what workouts you should do each day for the next month (or more) in order to achieve your weight loss, muscle gain, or toning goals. Some come with additional information, like a fitness guide, nutrition plan, and workout calendar, and others with accessories, like a resistance band.

There are workout DVDs from celebrities like Jillian Michaels, Valerie Bertinelli, Bruce Lee, and Brooke Burke, some based on movies or dances like Fame, belly dancing, and Zumba on DVD, and workouts to suit every type of person, from the beginning to the advanced level, elderly person who might not be as mobile, and even pregnant women.

Why and what kinds of sports DVDs should you buy?

Sports DVDs, meanwhile, allow you to build up your collection of favourites, and enjoy memorable moments from sports history a second (or third) time around, including watching your favourite legends play, and reliving big game wins.

There are sports DVDs for sale of special games and seasons, like Stanley Cup championships from different years, as well as exciting WWE DVD events like the WWE Royal Rumble of 2018, or iconic matches involving John Cena.

Relive fights with popular characters like Andre the Giant and AJ Styles. And look back at jaw-dropping car races from decades past that you could watch over and over again.