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32 results


Quality replacements for your Xbox One Power supply, battery packs, charge cables & related accessories

When would you need a replacement Xbox One power supply?

Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One game console is made of many components, and there’s always a chance one may eventually fail. With the high-power demand of this machine, the Xbox One power supply endures a heavy load and can generate a significant amount of heat. Throw in environmental factors like dust and lack of air circulation and over time it may give out. The problem is this often occurs after the console’s warranty has expired, and Microsoft doesn’t sell replacements. The good news is the design of this console put that hardware on the outside, in an Xbox One power brick. That makes an Xbox One power supply replacement a simple matter of unplugging the faulty brick and replacing it with a new one. You can even swap out just the Xbox One power cable, if it gets damaged.

Xbox One battery packs and charging stations

The Xbox One’s wireless controllers offer freedom of movement and freedom from wires. Making the Xbox One battery requirement a pair of AA batteries gives those controllers longer useful life, since AA batteries are easily replaced and rechargeable AA batteries are common. A dead battery doesn’t mean a new controller! But charging does come with its own challenges, including putting up with the Xbox One cable for USB charging.

However, with an Xbox One charging station, you can keep things neat, organized and free of cable clutter while ensuring your controller is always fully charged. You could choose an Xbox One battery charger, but that does mean popping out batteries to put in the charger. Many gamers prefer an Xbox One charger that lets them charge two controllers at once, without having to remove the batteries. Some of these also support high-speed charging so there’s less down time between games — true Xbox One “charge and play” solutions.

Xbox One power cord and cables

Third party accessory makers also offer a wide variety of Xbox One cables, including an Xbox One power cord replacement and Xbox One charging cable replacements. Has the connection to your TV started to act flakey? You can also pick up a new HDMI Xbox One cable to ensure that connection is solid.

Buy quality third party replacements

Whether you need a new Xbox One power supply, an Xbox One power adapter, Xbox One batteries or an Xbox One charge station, quality is critical. When you buy quality Xbox One accessories, you know that that your Xbox One will keeping you gaming at your best for years to come.