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Take authentic gaming to the next level with these Xbox One Specialty Controllers

The standard Xbox One controller is a fantastic device, and well-suited for nearly every game the Xbox One can play. However, there are a few types of games on the market that offer unique experiences when paired with an equally unique controller. Why settle for a traditional gamepad when Xbox One Specialty Controllers can offer a whole new level of precision and immersion in many of your favourite video games?

Xbox One steering wheels and pedal controllers

The Xbox Platform has long been known to be home to some of gaming`s biggest racing franchises, and the Xbox One is no different. With releases like the ultra-realistic racing sim Forza 7 to the incredible arcade racing style of Forza Horizon 4, many players get their racing fix on Xbox One.

Racing games are also among the most popular games to benefit from a specialty controller. In fact, most hardcore racing enthusiasts balk at the thought of using a traditional gamepad controller to race. The authentic feel of a steering wheel peripheral can turn a racing game into a full-on immersive racing experience. Other specialty racing peripherals for the Xbox One include pedal controls that simulate the feel of a real gas pedal, brake, and even clutch.

Putting all of these components together can make playing a racing simulation feel just like driving a real car. Many even go so far as to incorporate them into a pre-built chassis, complete with a seat and a gaming screen where the windshield would typically be. This is the ultimate gaming setup for Xbox One racing enthusiasts.

Xbox One arcade and fight sticks

Another massively popular genre that attracts players to the Xbox One is fighting games. From classic exclusive franchises like Killer Instinct to the latest in blinding fatalities with Mortal Kombat 11, fighting games are a favourite of Xbox One enthusiasts around the globe. And once again, most fighting game lovers have a preferred way to play, and it’s not with a standard gamepad.

Arcade sticks (or fight sticks) mimic the design and configuration of classic arcade cabinets, where fighting games first rose to popularity. They typically offer a flat surface with a joystick controller to the left and a series of plunger-style buttons to the right.

The style and layout of arcade sticks are broadly considered to be the most ideal for pulling of the complicated moves and combos that players must execute in most fighting games. The flat surfaced layout of the buttons in particular allows players to use all the fingers on their right hand to execute button combinations—not just their thumb as with a traditional gamepad. Having the right arcade stick is so important to competitive players that they will regularly bring their own personal controller to any events they participate in.

Xbox One Joysticks and Flight Controllers

Much like racing games, flight simulators also stand to benefit immensely from the realistic feel of authentic controls. Joysticks can mimic the way it truly feels to operate an airplane or other flying vehicle. It can be immensely satisfying to pull the trigger in a heated dogfight in Xbox One games like Ace Combat 7 with the feel of a real flight stick in your hand.

Xbox One specialty controllers and cross-platform compatibility

Some peripherals work across multiple platforms, however many are designed to function with one specific console or device, which is important to keep in mind when choosing a specialty controller for your Xbox One. Those branded for the Xbox One often feature the same button-naming scheme as the console (A,B,X,Y) and even colour coding (red for “B” green for “A”, etc) which can be useful for those who are genuinely accustomed to the Xbox gaming ecosystem. However, if you own multiple platforms there may be a larger benefit to choosing a peripheral that is compatible with more than one of them.