Ceramic Heaters

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Create a cozy home with ceramic heaters

Classic ceramic heaters are a household staple all across Canada. Designed to safely warm the air of an entire room, they're an energy-efficient, affordable way to create warm, comfortable spaces.

How do ceramic heaters work?

Ceramic heaters produce heat by running electricity through a ceramic plate. Then, models with built in fans circulate that heat within your home by pushing the hot air on the surface of the ceramic plate away from the plate and out into the room. This creates a warm gust of air that can quickly heat up your room.

Ceramic heaters typically have multiple fan speeds and settings, which can include timers, intensity levels, and oscillation. With different settings, you can adjust the output of a ceramic heater so that it's perfectly suited for the space you plan to use it in.

How do ceramic heaters compare to infrared heaters and oil heaters?

There are many ways to quickly warm up an area of your home, and portable heaters are the most common and convenient. Ceramic tower heaters are a popular choice because they don't take up a lot of space and are safe for households with pets and small children. The hot surface of a ceramic heater lies inside the heater, set back behind a protective grate, so the heater itself isn't hot to the touch.

Infrared heaters create radiant heat, which means that they heat up the surface of whatever they're aimed at. While ceramic heaters heat and circulate the air in the room, radiant heaters heat objects. As a result, they are more energy efficient and cheaper to operate, but they can create hot spots on furniture and skin.

Oil heaters heat up cavities of oil inside of a metal heater, slowly generating consistent heat. They're a great option for large rooms and operate silently, but they don't instantly produce heat. Like ceramic heaters, they're safe to touch.

Are ceramic heaters energy efficient?

Ceramic portable heaters are noisier and less energy efficient than oil and infrared heaters, but are more energy efficient than turning up your home's thermostat. They offer a convenient way to quickly warm up a room without warming your entire home, so they can keep you and your family comfortable and cozy while keeping your energy bill low.

One way to maximize the energy efficiency of your portable heater is to select a model with a thermostat built in. Ceramic heaters with thermostats often offer auto settings that can turn the heater on and off to keep your room at its ideal temperature. Try adding one to a chilly bedroom or drafty hallway today to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere throughout your whole home.