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Bring Better Visuals to Light with an OLED TV

What is an OLED TV?

Organic light emitting diode, or OLED, televisions emit light using a carbon-based film between two conductors. Rather than being lit by LED or LCD lighting, the pixels in the screen produce their own light individually. This creates vividly realistic black colours and remarkable contrasts, as well as more subtle brightness which can be ideal for movies. With such an extraordinary colour spectrum, your television viewing experience will be forever changed.

Benefits of an OLED TV

There are plenty of benefits to choosing an OLED television for your home theatre. Lifelike colours and reduced motion blur put you right in the action completely seamlessly. The crisp contrast that’s produced by individually lit pixels gives you much richer visuals, with brighter whites and deeper darker tones. This creates bolder, unmatched details. OLED TVs are extremely sleek and thin, making them visually stunning in your living room and able to effortlessly fit into any space.

Uniform lighting is another benefit, as the screen is evenly and perfectly lit from every side and angle, avoiding any hot spots or glare. Additionally, OLED televisions use less power, making them more energy-friendly. High quality, smooth motion, excellent viewing angle, and energy-friendly; could you ask for anything more in a television?

How to choose the right OLED TV for you

Choosing the right OLED television for your home theatre comes with a few considerations, namely what size and resolution you are looking for. There are OLED Smart TVs, OLED 4K and OLED 8K TVs available. Sony BRAVIA XR TVs, for instance, take vision and sound to the next level with the ingenious Cognitive Processor XR. OLED TVs come as small as 53 inches, to as big as 79 inches, from both Sony and LG. Once you’ve decided on your budget, the size you’re looking for, and the resolution you want, you can easily pick your OLED TV and comfortably live vicariously through all the programs your heart desires to watch from the comfort of your home.