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Enjoy movie night more with an outdoor projector screen

If one of your favourite summer activities is watching movies under the stars, you’ll love having an outdoor projector. You can project your movies onto a blank wall or sheet, but if you want the best experience you need to bring home an outdoor projector screen.

What is an outdoor projector screen?

An outdoor projector screen is a screen that’s easy to set up and durable enough to stand up to wind, dust, and a splash or two. This type of projector screen is white, grey, or black and is designed with a semi-reflective surface so all projected images are as bright and detailed as possible.

An outdoor projector screen is available in a variety of sizes. When choosing an outdoor projector screen you’ll want to find the best size for your movie nights. This type of projector screen is available in sizes of 100 inches and up, with some outdoor projector screens able to expand up to 300 inches with a wide viewing angle up to 160°.

You can choose inflatable outdoor projector screens that uses a blower to inflate in minutes. There are also outdoor projector screens made with aluminum stands you can roll up or down when needed or outdoor projector screens that can be mounted.

Outdoor projector screen vs indoor projector screen

One of the main differences between an indoor projector screen and an outdoor projector screen is the addition of weights and tie downs. You use the weights to keep the screen in place if you’re outside and it’s windy or raining.

How to mount an outdoor projector screen

If you opt to put your outdoor projector screen in a permanent or semi-permanent spot, you’ll want to ensure you have it mounted correctly. Depending on which type of outdoor projector screen you’ve chosen, you can mount it on a wall using bolts or screws. You’ll want to know what type of wall surface you’re mounting on and use screws or bolts that work best with that surface. For example, cement board siding can crack if you don’t have the right screws or drill bit for your pilot holes.

If you’ve picked an outdoor projector screen with a stand you don’t have to mount it at all. You can just roll it up when you’re finished watching. Inflatable outdoor projector screens also fold up easily when not in use.

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