Party Speakers

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Take your big bash to the next level with party speakers featuring great sound, lights, and special effects

What are Party Speakers?

Party speakers can mean different things to different people. For some, these are big, bold and loud speakers designed to crank out the wattage, and most often have an AC power supply.

For others, party speakers are multiple wireless Bluetooth speakers with killer bass, and sound or light effects. These smaller and more portable options tend to be rugged and ultra-durable, with long lasting batteries.

What is the best party speaker?

Whichever party speakers fit the bill for you, there’s a world of choice; from size, shape, effects, and power options, plus you can find great quality party speakers from a full array of manufacturers if you’re looking for brand loyalty.

Some of the portable wireless party speakers can be connected to each other, letting you place multiple speakers around your space for the ultimate in room-filling sound.

Party speakers with lights

One of the coolest features in a party speaker is the lighting effects. From basic strobe lights to colours and effects which time the lights to your music, getting a party speaker with lighting adds another dimension to your bash.

Some party speakers have lighting wrapping all around the speaker’s edges, while others give you an almost lava lamp-like look with pulsing and undulating multicoloured lighting. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve you can crank up the vibe of your get together without needing to go rent pricey equipment.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for an outdoor party

If your parties are generally held outdoors, make sure to choose an outdoor-rated party speaker with an IP rating. IP ratings measure the ability to withstand things like water and dirt, and proper outdoor speakers are key to an outside function. If you’ve ever gotten one of the larger AC powered speakers wet from a spilled drink, you’ll know that an ounce of choosing the right speaker up front, is definitely worth it.

Best party speakers with bass

What’s a party without room shaking, club thumping bass? Party speakers often have extra bass features that let you crank up the vibration and resonance so you’re not just listening to the music, you’re feeling it in your bones.

Wired party speakers

Sometimes you need more power than a portable speaker can give. In that case, choosing an AC powered but portable party speaker can give you the extra sound quality and power your space needs. Plus, if you’re the DJ for “those kind” of parties, keeping bigger wired speakers from walking away is a lot easier too.

Whatever your needs for your next major shaker, shop the best in party speakers from Best Buy.