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Boost your Wi-Fi signal with a range extender

Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters both help extend the strong and reliable wireless coverage area in your home, but they work differently.

What are Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters?

Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters boost the wireless signal in your home or other location. But they are different from one another.

A Wi-Fi extender uses an existing Wi-Fi network and amplifies its signal so it can be reached in spots where the signal might otherwise be weak or prone to dropped. It’s a physical device that sits between the Wi-Fi router and your device to boost the signal from the router, extending it further and making it stronger. However, you need to make sure you position it in just the right spot to maximize its effectiveness.

A Wi-Fi booster, meanwhile, is similar except it functions as an antenna that works within (or outside of) the Wi-Fi router to extend the range. The idea behind it is the same: to extend and/or strengthen the range of your Wi-Fi signal. However, they tend to offer faster speeds and can support more devices at once.

When might you use a Wi-Fi extender or booster?

Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters are useful for dead or slow spots where Wi-Fi connectivity is either non-existent or historically weak. This could be the basement or room that’s far from the router with walls and other obstructions in the way that impede the signal.

A Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi booster is handy for larger homes where many rooms are far from the router and you have spotty or slow connections. As an outdoor Wi-Fi extender, they are useful to extend your Wi-Fi signal outside for connecting reliably in the backyard or on the porch or balcony.

You’ll want a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi booster, including Netgear Wi-Fi extenders, TP-Link Wi-Fi extenders, and D-Link Wi-Fi extenders, to speed up the signal in your home to get the fastest Wi-Fi possible. Wi-Fi repeaters, it’s worth noting, are first-generation versions that may only support a limited number of devices.

How to choose the best Wi-Fi extender or booster

First, decide between a Wi-Fi extender and Wi-Fi booster. If you want to support multiple devices in the home and enhance weak signals, a Wi-Fi booster is probably the better option. If you want to ensure you get better service in a room or area of the home that is typically troublesome, or where Wi-Fi doesn’t usually reach at all, a Wi-Fi extender can do the trick.

Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 range extenders offer high-speed transmission and are ideal for streaming HD video, playing bandwidth-intensive games, for connecting multiple devices at once, and for those who work from home. Check the coverage size to make sure it’s suitable for your home.

Some range extenders offer intelligent signal transmission to boost signals in places and for devices that are priorities; as well as finder technology to help you find the right spot to position it. Look for solid encryption to ensure your data is protected.