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Bring your space to life with Samsung BESPOKE home appliances that suit your personality.

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Create a kitchen that represents you.

  1. Customize your fridge with 3 or 4 door panels and combine your favourite colours and finishes.
  2. Customize your dishwasher with 3 colour options.
  3. Choose your range and microwave.

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Choose your washer and dryer from premium colours and features. Your laundry pair will seamlessly blend into your decor so you clean without giving up your style.

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Personalize your kitchen with Samsung Bespoke

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators are unique, modern, and available in colours that will add bold style to your kitchen and complement your home décor. They are bright, user-friendly, and upgradeable, and as your family grows, so can your Bespoke refrigerator.

What is a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator?

Having a Bespoke refrigerator means you’re never tied to the look and feel of a stainless-steel fridge again. The exterior of a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator has customized panels, and they are available in a variety of custom colours and materials including rose pink glass, sky blue glass, navy blue steel, matte black steel, and champagne rose steel.

What are Samsung Bespoke panels?

The beauty of Samsung Bespoke refrigerator panels is that these panels can be removed and changed when you’d like a different colour, giving you a completely customizable fridge. You can choose just one colour panel for your fridge or opt for multiple colour panels. Samsung Bespoke is the only major appliance that gives you a way to express your personal style, and you can change the colour of your Samsung Bespoke refrigerator panels as your décor evolves over time.

Can my Bespoke refrigerator be customized?

When you want a customizable smart fridge, a Bespoke fridge is the best choice. Depending on the type of Samsung Bespoke fridge you choose, you can customize one colour panel and one style of finish or up to three colour panels for French door refrigerators.

A Samsung Bespoke fridge is available in standard or counter-depth styles. You can choose different sizes of Bespoke refrigerator. If you like a 1 door style, you’ll find a Bespoke Refrigerator in 22-inch or 24-inch widths that are all-refrigerator or all-freezer. You can place them together, side by side, and enjoy ample storage space while customizing your kitchen with brightly coloured Samsung Bespoke panels.

There are also Samsung Bespoke French door refrigerators in 36-inch widths and 29 cubic feet of storage space. This style of Samsung Bespoke Fridge has three panels you can customize with your favourite colours.

Because they have a sleek look and are completely customizable with Samsung Bespoke refrigerator panels, it’s easy to add new fridge or freezer refrigerators as your family grows. If you have one Bespoke French door fridge and you’d like to upgrade to a larger fridge, just add a 1-door Bespoke all-freezer and you’ll have the extra space you need.

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