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What to look for in a travel backpack

Any avid hiker will tell you that a great travel backpack can last for years. That's true whether you're in the mountains or on an airplane to your next great destination. With the right materials, size, and functionality, a great backpack can stay with you through your many different needs and life stages.

Different kinds of travel backpacks

Travel backpacks are great for everything from hiking in the next province to carrying your laptop to work. Different models offer features such as a padded laptop pocket, lined tech pocket, and padded shoulder straps. Look for handy perks that will make your daily commute easier, like elasticized side pockets and luggage handle attachments.

How to choose a travel backpack for work or school

When selecting the design of your ideal travel backpack, the context that it'll be used in will really help you determine what it should look like. A bag that'll be primarily used for travelling across the country will look very different from one that you'll need to take to corporate meetings every quarter, and that's a good thing. Knowing what you need will help you choose just the right bag for you.

Opt for sleeker silhouettes for work and school backpacks from brands like Herschel Supply Co. and Samsonite. Nylon ripstop and reflective strips may be a great feature on your ObusForme 75L hiking backpack, but they may not be appropriate in a professional environment.

Instead, shop for great deals on a work or school backpack with more internal pockets than external ones, and select a finish, size, and colour that fits in with your office or school's dress code. Features like laptop pockets, cord holders, and tablet sleeves can be very handy for your daily commute, and will help keep you organized through the day.

Travel backpack sizing and requirements

One important thing to look for when selecting the right backpack for you or your family member is the bag's sizing. A small bag might be all that you need in your work backpack, but you'll need a much larger travel backpack for overnight hikes and campouts.

If you plan to fly with your bag, selecting a carry-on sized backpack can be helpful in narrowing down your luggage needs. Most Canadian airlines offer two size restrictions for carry-on items: one carry-on suitcase and one smaller personal item, with size restrictions dependent on the airline. Some smaller backpacks can fly as your personal item, allowing you room for an additional carry-on suitcase, but others will count as your carry-on baggage.

Make sure you select the right bag for your purposes, and enjoy the flexibility that a great backpack can offer you!

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