Xbox Series X|S Gaming Headsets

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  • Immerse yourself with incredible sound and clear chat with these Xbox Series X gaming headsets

    The next generation of Xbox is here, and with the arrival of the Xbox Series X and Series S comes impressive new audio experiences. From powerful scores and soundtracks to the latest developments in 3D spatial audio and sound design, stay on the forefront of gaming innovation (and keep in contact with your friends and teammates too) with an Xbox Series X/S gaming headset.

    Which gaming headsets are available for the Xbox Series X and Series S?

    Despite the fact that the Xbox Series X and Series S are newer consoles, players already have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a gaming headset that meets their needs. Xbox Series X and Series S gaming headsets come with a variety of features and amenities.

    For example, there are wired gaming headsets for those who prefer a reliable physical connection—not to mention the fact that wired headsets don’t typically have a battery that needs charging. Conversely, a wireless option combines the delivery of intense, quality audio with the freedom of movement and mobility inherent to a wireless design.

    There is also an Xbox Series X/S gaming headset for every budget. Players can choose between more economical gaming headsets that still offer suitable comfort, immersive audio, and crystal-clear chat for strategic teamwork or friendly party chat functionality. On the other hand, by investing in a premium gaming headset players may gain even more benefits, such as the latest in rich, deep surround sound or the tactical advantages of pinpoint accuracy thanks to 3D spatial audio technology.

    Will Xbox One gaming headsets be compatible with the Xbox Series X and Series S?

    Great news—most accessories (including gaming headsets) that were originally designed with the Xbox One in mind will carry their compatibility over to the next generation of Xbox consoles. This is part of the reason why there is already such a vast array of options available for new Series X and Series S owners.

    Microsoft has worked to ensure that nearly all of their first party Xbox headsets will carry over to the new Series X/S generation. Furthermore, most gaming headsets from all the biggest third party manufacturers will work just fine with the Series X and Series S as well. If you aren’t sure about a specific gaming headset, be sure to check the product page or manufacturer’s website to confirm which headsets/features remain compatible with the Xbox Series X/S.

    What are the benefits of an Xbox Series X/S gaming headset?

    It goes without saying that some of the best audio experiences in gaming are most accessible via a gaming headset. With the immersive design of a gaming headset, players can enjoy cinema quality sound without the need for a cost prohibitive home theatre setup (or the space necessary to have it). Furthermore, many headsets built for gaming incorporate additional features as well as aesthetic appearances geared towards the specific needs of serious gamers.

    A gaming headset is essentially a must when it comes to communication and teamwork as well. Headsets don’t just provide audio, they are also the window for facilitating in-game chat—something that is absolutely key in many of today’s most popular games across genres such as first-person shooters, battle royales, sports titles, and more. Not to mention that a gaming headset means you can enjoy your console anytime without disturbing those around you.